Colocation Data Centre


A loss of power would result in a loss of customer trust and costly downtime

Colocation Data Centre UPS

Due to the high competition in the market, one of the primary drivers for colocation (colo) data centres is to keep costs to a minimum. Businesses can rent a space in a colocation for server and other computing hardware as they typically provide the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security for the customer. Depending on the financial drivers and business model, some companies will prefer minimal capital expenditure whilst others will prefer minimal operating expenditure, with the obvious ideal being both.

Regardless of the reasons for using a colocation, all customers expect consistent and reliable power with no interruptions or downtime, both of which could lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of trust in the colocation service.

Power Control have the products and the knowledge to deliver a solution that will suit the needs of all Tier rating facilities. With our strong heritage in service and maintenance our recommendations are usually geared towards offering the maximum resilience within a set budget; we know only too well that there are tenants who want to pay operators the minimal fee but will complain if there are planned outages so designing in to the system an element of redundancy will assist with the ongoing operation of the facility.

Data centre operators are often contracted to provide X amount of kW per rack to a tenant, but this is usually more than they will actually provide. This results in a lower actual load requirement than what they are obliged to have available; subsequently, this will affect the overall efficiency of a system. A modular UPS that has the ability to hibernate modules when power requirements are reduced will enable to the operator to both have the available capacity and operate at a high efficiency when the real load requirement is reduced.

Larger enterprise level data centres are now increasingly installing distributed redundant which allows them to increase the load per UPS whilst still retaining redundancy. These will typically have x4 power streams but the limit is essentially on how they are managed on a practical level; load management is essential in this type of configuration.

Suitable Sectors

Supplying both modular and standalone UPS, Power Control is able to provide the correct emergency power solution for data centres, co-location facilities and critical infrastructures such as hospitals.

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