Fire Suppression

Life safety systems must be supported by an EN50171 compliant UPS system

In the event mains power failure, it is vital that life safety systems such as fire suppression still has a reliable power supply.

Fire Suppression Unit

Fire suppression UPS systems must not only comply with the British safety standards but they must also comply with the product safety regulation EN 62040.

Although a fire suppression system is not legally required in the UK, a number of businesses choose to install them to reap their benefits. Care homes benefit from having the vital extra time to evacuate, retail premises benefit from being granted longer distances to travel to emergency exits and landlords have the freedom of providing open plan dwellings.

Fire suppression systems are interlinked with a central power supply to automatically activate in the event of a blaze which is why a method of backup power, such as a UPS system, must be present to comply with BS EN 50171. Where a UPS system is used it must also comply with product-specific regulations highlighted in EN 62040 and its relevant parts.

As a leading UPS supplier and an exclusive UK representative for Borri Spa, Power Control provides turnkey solutions for life safety systems such as fire suppression. Available from 10 – 50 kVA, 3/1 – 3/3 in the Borri E8000 range of UPS units, and from 50 – 160kVA 3/3 with the Borri Ingenio ECS, all Borri Emergency Central Systems (ECS) units have been exclusively designed to meet both the product standard IEC/EN 62040 and the European Compliance standard EN50171. This means they can be used as a CPSS (Central Power Supply System) rather than a distributed power supply, thus eliminating the need for complex electrical design and vastly reducing overall maintenance costs.

Due to the high inrush currents required to start a pump, there are many pitfalls to be avoided in providing UPS solutions to support fire suppression systems. Many other UPS providers will either fail to take these start-up currents into consideration leading to an unreliable solution or an oversized UPS unit. Specialising in all aspects of power quality and reliability, Power Control can provide a VSD (variable speed drive) alongside the ECS UPS. This means the start-up current is limited to 1x the running load preventing the need to oversize the UPS. Combining this technology with Borri’s excellence in manufacturing, Power Control are able to offer the full package.

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