Identifying the problems in your uninterruptible power supply

Due to the critical nature of uninterruptible power supplies, it's imperative that all components are functioning correctly before they come into use. For this reason, you need to choose a UPS maintenance contract that includes preventative visits.

Preventative maintenance analyses a range of factors that could be detrimental to the life of both your UPS system and the devices that are connected to it. Our trained technicians know how to spot problems before they become an issue and have a comprehensive checklist that must be signed off before they can finish their visit.
Battery faults account for over 80% of UPS failures, which is why battery checks are considered to be one of the most important aspects of any maintenance plan. Checking a battery health includes analysing a range of aspects, from observing the physical condition of a battery to performing voltage readings and impedance tests. Power Control carries out battery inspections as part of its routine works within maintenance contracts as well as providing separate battery health checks.
Other factors that require observation on a preventative UPS maintenance visit include monitoring interior components, such as internal fans or wiring. Every electrical component has a lifespan, and by noticing a fault before it's too late, you can save a lot of damage down the line. We will also make recommendations on the physical location of UPS systems and examine the environment to ensure their lifespan is optimised.

Here at Power Control, we offer four levels of UPS maintenance, all of which provide preventative visits to identify faulty components before they become an issue. This will help ensure that when your uninterruptible power supply is called into action it works exactly how it's supposed to and protects all of your business' vital equipment. As well as standard SLA's we also tailor contracts around your needs and you can build your very own contact.