We thought we would share our Covid journey with you. As a family run business we rely heavily on our team and the valuable relationships that we have built with our clients and suppliers. During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever that we work together to sustain one another’s wellbeing as well as secure an economic future. We hope that in sharing our journey, others can be inspired, motivated, comforted to know they are not alone….


Dear diary,

Last night it was incredibly humbling to see so many people supporting the ‘Clap for our Carers’ campaign. The video footage that has been released from across the country has been lovely to see and no doubt very emotional for all those linked to the NHS.

For many, this will have been a very testing week. The coronavirus has lurched us into a world of doubt and with no one knowing how long the pandemic will last, we must be prepared for weeks and months of uncertainty ahead.

Despite all the added stresses, it has been heartening to see not just our workforce come together but whole communities around us. We cannot escape the impact that this is having on mental health and to see everyone be a little kinder, a little more understanding, a little more patient, is truly lovely.

What’s important to remember is that we are all in this together and if we continue to be gracious with one another and work hard, we will come out stronger at the end.


Dear diary,

With over a quarter of the population in lockdown, we have been overwhelmed by the support and continued efforts from our manufacturing partners. Thanks to them, we continue to receive supply of all our UPS solutions and have just replenished our three phase UPS stock up to 400kVA. Our poor production manager and warehouse team are busier than ever! 

It’s strange isn’t it? That through all the chaos going on around us, when we’re working it almost feels like a normal day. We’re still receiving phone calls, still speaking to clients and partners, still deploying projects and maintenance services. Power Control really is operating as normal albeit our team is a little more dispersed than usual. 

We are very aware that as a business we are one of the more fortunate ones. Never did we think that working within the data centre industry and with blue light organisations would be so rewarding.  


Dear diary,  

It seems incredible to think that it was only two weeks ago that our team hosted a networking event at the London Excel. We were there when the last trade show, Data Centre World and its co-located counterparts was being held.  

Looking back, it was obvious that things were about to dramatically change. Visitor numbers were way below average and there was a slightly eerie undertone in the atmosphere. Never did we think that a mere 14 days later the MOD and NHS officials would have moved in to turn the 100,000 sqm Docklands site into an emergency hospital to treat coronavirus patients.  

The gravity of the impact that Covid-19 is having continues to shock us but as an ‘essential services’ business, we are so proud to be able to play our role in supporting emergency power provisions to the NHS, key distribution hubs and data centres across the country.  

Without question, our team has adapted to new working conditions and restrictions to ensure the continued fulfilment of our services to these critical businesses. It is humbling and motivating to know that the work we are doing will directly impact frontline services like the NHS. The profound sense of purpose is incredibly gratifying and working with such a dedicated team makes this just that little bit easier.  


TUESDAY 24th MARCH 2020  

Dear diary,  

Along with 27 million other people, last night we tuned in to hear the announcement that the UK was facing “a moment of national emergency. We were told in no uncertain terms that staying at home is critical to saving lives and beating this virus.  

Thankfully as a business we were prepared for this and able to notify teams of our new working arrangements. All those who are reasonably able to do so are working from home and those that need to keep our warehouse operational are safely based at the office. It has to be said that the 2metre distancing rule is far easier to adhere to than we first thought. I guess we have our expansive workshop to thank for that.  

As we operate directly with those on the frontline; NHS, distribution hubs and data centres it has been vital that we are  fully operational 24/7Despite the turmoil that we’re all facing both professionally and personally, our team has really pulled together and we continue to deliver critical work for hospitals, fire safety and the police.  

It has been really refreshing to have such positive conversations with clients and comforting to learn that so many understand the importance of sustaining a continued supply of power. The UPS is often the forgotten essential.  

So, we close this historic day optimistic and realistic for the coming days, weeks and months. A solid business foundation, years of experience and determined focus in front line sectors means that Power Control is one of the lucky ones and we are forever grateful for our position.  


MONDAY 23rd MARCH 2020

Dear diary,  

After what was an incredibly strange 72 hours, we returned to work today. Like many other businesses this Monday has been like no other.  

The impact that Covid-19 is having on all our lives is far beyond what any of us could have imagined. Deterred from having a weekend drink at the pub or Sunday lunch out, the weekend was, for a lot of us, a very surreal experience.  

The only certainty really was that Monday would arrive and that we would need to somehow get back to work. Some of us have returned to HQ to help keep the cogs going, always ensuring to keep to social distancing guidelines. Others have been able to work from home, some have had no choice but to stay at home and isolate 

We must commend the foresight of our directors, who months ago began the process of streamlining our IT. The introduction of Microsoft Teams has been invaluable. We’ve seamlessly been able to move to a ‘virtual’ world without any significant disruption and today we had our first client conference meetings and gave our first distant presentations.  

The news that has broken this evening was predicted by many and despite the unavoidable operational changes, it will continue to be as near to ‘business as usual’ as possible. So far it would seem though, that through all the chaos, there is still a very real need for UPS and thankfully for us, our order book remains healthy.