Remove the risk with uninterruptible power supplies from Power Control.

Think, what would losing power right this second cost your business? You might lose vital equipment through an improper shut down; lose trading time that could hit your profit margins come to the end of the month; or in the case of data driven businesses, you might lose vital information that could threaten your very existence. At Power Control Ltd our uninterruptible and backup power supply solutions relieve that risk and give you one less thing to worry about.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can be installed in your business to prevent unforeseen and sometimes irreparable damage occurring to vital hardware during a power failure, dip or surge. Our modules regulate power to ensure a steady flow is maintained and in the case of complete power outages, they allow for safe machinery shut down that could save your business huge losses.

Backup power supply solutions, tailored to your needs

At Power Control Ltd we have over twenty years of experience protecting a range of businesses spanning various industries and we know what your business needs to ensure continuity in any scenario. Planning your backup power supply needs is a job best left to the experts and calculating the power infrastructure often involves utilising industry contractors, our project engineers and specialist manufacturers.

When it comes to sizing up the backup power supply required for your business there are a range of considerations that are taken. These include reviewing the specific UPS modules available, calculating realistic load estimates, the short term growth a business might be undergoing to ensure sufficient headroom as well as a range of industry specific considerations.