Major British multinational retailer opened its flagship distribution centre in Leicestershire in 2013. With great demands on the site, which despatches next day home deliveries, the facility relies heavily on its highly sophisticated automated infrastructure. 

The solution and results

Covering 60 acres and 900,000sq ft, the fully automated distribution centre stores over 16 million products and process over one million products every day. Any system malfunctions can cost the business £thousands in lost revenue and downtime. It is, therefore, critical that the centre adopts a full belt and braces power protection strategy.
Following a series of site surveys, power monitoring audits and reviews, Power Control identified a number of areas of weakness and recommended the installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to support key elements of the site’s electrical infrastructure. 
Power Control supplied, installed and commissioned 14 Borri Ingenio UPS ranging between 60kW – 125kW. Totalling 1.1 megawatt of power protection.
Individual Borri Ingenio transformer free UPS units are now supporting key parts of the electrical infrastructure that have been suseptible to mains power fluctuations. Deployed to work independently, each Borri Ingenio UPS system has been sized to cope with maximum inrush currents and all include separate bypass switches.

About the Borri Ingenio


The Borri Ingenio online double conversion UPS series has been designed to highest manufacturing standards. 

Chosen for their impressively small footprint, thanks to their internal battery capacity, the Borri Ingenio UPS systems are also a notably light solution. This meant that they could be positioned without the need to strengthen the flooring at the distribution centre. 
Designed to be a high performance, low TCO UPS solution, the Borri Ingenio range not only delivers ultimate power protection but also maximum power density. Easy front access and advanced energy saving modes also means the Borri Ingenio systems have dramatically reduced maintenance and operating costs.

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