British snack food brand McVitie’s, has several manufacturing sites across the country. Its plant in Leicestershire, Wigston which was established in 1895, now produces over 15,000 tonnes of biscuits per year.

The solution and results

To achieve these great manufacturing quantities the site relies heavily on automation. Any loss of power, which can be caused by a myriad of elements including power spikes, surges, blackouts and other natural environmental factors such as floods, could have catastrophic results.

It is therefore essential that McVitie’s evaluate its power protection strategies and ensure that its automated systems are fully backed up at all times.

Having been recommended by one of McVities principle engineering partners, Power Control carried out a full site review and recommended the installation of a Borri B9000FXS 125kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to support multiple oven line conveyor belts.

Power Control supplied, installed and commissioned a Borri B9000FXS 125kVA, which included AC cabling within a tight timescale and with minimal operational disruption.

The fully resilient, transformer based Borri B9000FXS is now supporting multiple oven lines and safeguarding them against any potential fire risks. The conveyors into the ovens are up to 70m long and the Borri B9000FXS has been configured to provide enough backup power to give the conveyor belts time to get products through the oven to ensure that none catch fire.

The B9000FXS has impressive credentials


The Borri B9000FXS series is one of the leading high efficiency UPS solutions on the market and includes unique tricore technology that enables the Borri B9000FXS to offer AC/AC efficiency of 95%, which is typically around up to 15% more than a conventional UPS.

The Borri B9000FXS also boasts:
  • Three year warranty for peace of mind
  • Front access for ease of use
  • Scalable up to 8 units in parallel for changing needs
  • IGBT rectifier for newer technological advances and faster switching
  • Smart Online functionality >98% for efficiency
  • Internal galvanic isolation transformer to increase efficiency but reduce weight and size
  • THDi <3% with input power factor >0.99 to reduce power distortion and installation costs.

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