Integrated building services maintenance provider P & R Morson & Company Ltd, has turned to leading uninterruptible power supply (UPS) specialists Power Control to help it complete a prestigious contract worth over £6.5 million.

The state-of-the-art facility, which houses approximately 1400 employees, was meticulously designed to be as energy efficient as possible and the council hopes to reduce carbon emissions by over 1750 tonnes in its first year. It was therefore essential to ensure that the dedicated data centre also met high efficiency targets.

The solution and results

Due to the requirements, Power Control provided P & R Morson with a full turnkey service, supplying and installing four high efficiency Borri B9000 160kVA UPS systems in a tier four configuration, which are now providing vital power supply back-up for all IT and critical information stored at Staffordshire County Council's new headquarters.

Featured on the prestigious Energy Technology List, Borri's sophisticated B9000 FXS UPS range is one of the most efficient, affordable true on-line double conversion systems on the market. The four UPS systems were installed in parallel, with two on the 'A' supply and the others on 'B' supply. This tier four configuration gives ultimate levels of reliability and maximum flexibility and can be scalable up to eight units on both supplies for future expansion or further redundancy.

Installed to meet an extremely demanding specification, the new transformer-based UPS systems with redundant battery strings required a crane to transport them to the 10th floor of the new build data centre and were then positioned on open battery stands. Borri's in-house DC battery build team were also on hand to deliver and install the batteries.

To ensure a path of UPS power is always available to the critical load, the electrical arrangement chosen was a 2N+1 configuration. Built to withstand equipment failures and disruptions without impacting essential computing assets, the data centre now has the greatest electrical protection and comes with an impressive 0.99 input power factor (PF), giving improved efficiency and stability of the overall transmission network and a THDi of less than three percent to help eliminate any current distortion.

Why is the B9000FXS so efficient?


Certified by TÜV NORD Cert as one of the most efficient and resilient transformer based UPS systems on the market, the Borri B9000FXS demonstrate best in class efficiency standards of up to 95%. They have a negligible effect on the mains supply as they come with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) rectifiers as standard, which provide less than three percent harmonic distortion.

The low harmonic input, which is maintained by an IGBT based rectifier, allows this particular UPS system to have little reliance on the mains supply and therefore the chosen standby generator could be considerably downsized. This helps the increase in efficiency and further cost savings.

The Borri B9000FXS also boasts:

  • Three year warranty for peace of mind
  • Front access for ease of use
  • Scalable up to 8 units in parallel for changing needs
  • IGBT rectifier for newer technological advances and faster switching
  • Smart Online functionality >98% for efficiency
  • Internal galvanic isolation transformer to increase efficiency but reduce weight and size
  • THDi <3% with input power factor >0.99 to reduce power distortion and installation costs

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