When most people think of UPS solutions they think of IT related solutions, whether they are single phase rackmount units supporting servers and networking, or larger three phase systems supporting server rooms and datacentres. However, at Power Control we have vast experience of providing solutions for industry where a power outage can be just as costly in lost production time or damaged goods as a datacentre outage could be.

Working on a regular basis with clients who have experienced issues with power fluctuations or failures we have design and provide power protection packages that suit business’ most exacting needs. These range from simple solutions where we support companies all the way through to site wide support encompassing belts and drives, furnaces, picking and CNC equipment.

Looking at logistics and distribution centres specifically, these rely on a 24/7 automated operation and in some instances our clients have experienced downtime of over 10 hours, whilst having to manually itemise each item and enter back in to their system.

We have also worked with numerous food production companies and provided solutions to ensure that their ovens have the ability to complete a cycle, thereby preventing loss of goods, and removes the risk of a fire if the goods stay in the ovens too long.

There are countless business operations that rely on power availability and the improvements in technology often mean that the equipment is more susceptible to poor quality power supply. Even where there is a generator onsite, the instantaneous power off can cause shock damage to moving parts and motors. As well as the business needing to reboot once the generator has started, resulting again in lost production time.