Dear diary - Power Control's journey through Covid-19

Power Control
23 Mar 2020

We thought we would share our Covid-19 journey with you. As a family run business we rely heavily on our team and the valuable relationships that we have built with our clients and suppliers. During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever that we work together to sustain one another’s wellbeing as well as secure an economic future. We hope that in sharing our journey, others can be inspired, motivated, comforted to know they are not alone….


FRIDAY 22nd MAY 2020

This week has been #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and it has been a lovely reinforcement of the importance of our Act of Kindness campaign. It would seem that kindness is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. What we have absolutely learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic is that kindness is essential for supporting a healthy wellbeing.

Our team had a lovely Zoom lunch earlier in the week. It was nice to just have a little chinwag with those that we’ve not seen for so long. We’re all looking forward the day when we can be reunited. It looks like it could be soon! We’ve got our fingers crossed.

We know it won’t quite be the same as before and we are already making plans for people returning to the office. Policies have bee drawn up and we’ve scheduled a deep clean to create a sterile of an environment as possible.

We’ve also had a really positive week in terms of sales. It would seem that businesses are gearing back up and it’s been really good to see. More and more facilities are opening up their doors and requesting services. It’s getting very busy. We are optimistic for the weeks ahead.


FRIDAY 15th MAY 2020 

What a week it has been! Our team has pulled out all the stops and delivered some incredible UPS installs in some very challenging environments. We’ve definitely been humming along to Starship’s greatest hit to keep us going 😊   

We of course couldn’t hide away from the Government announcements, which outlined a number of eased lockdown measures. As we reviewed our position, it became clear very quickly that we’ve adapted almost too well – are we planning to restore what was for the sake of it?  

Throughout ‘lockdown’ we have continued to deliver our products and services as usual. Nothing has really changed for our clients. As a team we have had to change the way we work and it looks like we will need to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Whatever changes we do put in place though are unlikely to affect our client journey.  

Another valuable lesson from the weeks gone by, and this one in particular, is the true worth of generosity. It extends way beyond just the giving of physical objects, but is more about taking on a posture of kindness and goodwill. Showing unfailing readiness to give more of something, whether it’s our time, energy or resource. A little generosity can go a very long way and what it means to the person or people that it is being given to often has immeasurable value. 



Our positive outlook has never wavered. Despite the challenges, we have been optimistic in our approach – turning many into new opportunities. There are some things that can’t be glossed over though – like the staggering death toll that not even the experts predicted.

We operate in hospitals and our engineers are still attending site to carry out essential work. The stories they return with are often harrowing. However, they continue on, like many others directly supporting the NHS. Their own resilience has been tested but their courage and presence of mind must be commended.

This evening, we again, bang a pan, tap spoons, cheer, whoop and clap for our engineers, our team and of course all the other key workers.



For April, our employee of the month award was given to two exceptional people. They work in our warehouse and are without question unsung heroes. Both incredibly hardworking individuals they manage our goods in and out processes. As we have received high levels of stock throughout this period, the management of this, coupled with the additional health and safety requirements, not to mention the third party logistical snags, has at times been incredibly challenging. Despite this though, they have continued to work diligently and ensure that products are available for testing and despatch – always on time.

It is important to not just recognise those on the frontline. We all know what an incredible job the NHS and wider network are doing. We need to show more appreciation to those that are behind the scenes as well. Those in factories, distribution centres, care homes and schools – delivery drivers, farmers, network operators, broadcasters, vets, dentists – the list goes on. To all those still working to keep the nation going. Thank you.


TUESDAY 5th MAY 2020

It’s been a month since we started our #actofkindness campaign and we’ve found that smaller tokens of goodwill have had far greater impact than grand gestures. When placing a spotlight on an #actofkindness, people feel compelled to do more than just report on a daily #actofkindness. We’re all kind. It’s part of human nature but Covid-19 has reminded us all of the importance of being kind. Bringing whole communities together through small acts of kindness.

There is that old saying that ‘doing good, does you good’ and it is so very true. Helping others in turn helps our own mental health and supports a healthy wellbeing. We’ve been reminding ourselves that this is a different time, not one that was chosen, but not bad either. In fact, so much good has come from it and it is that that we need to focus on.


MONDAY 4th MAY 2020

With our normal working lives changed for the foreseeable, we’ve placed a heavy importance on staying connected – not just with our internal team but with our clients as well.

As we wait for an outline of how the government plans to lift our lockdown restrictions, we know that whatever announcement is made we will still be far from our ‘original normal’. That being said, we, like many others are hoping for some considerable concessions to be made.

We know that distancing rules should still be applied and as we’re all feeling a little more impatient it is more important than ever to connect with one another. In the early days of lockdown social media was overridden with initiatives, over the last few weeks this has lessened somewhat. We hope that people are still making the effort and have just chosen to stop posting about it – after all not everything needs to be publicised!

Our team is trying new things and really pushing the limits of our Zoom and Teams capabilities!


FRIDAY 1st MAY 2020

The restlessness to get back to normal was more palpable today. It probably has something to do with the PM confirming last night, that he believes we have ‘past the peak’ of the virus. This has of course led to countless questions about what this means and when and how lockdown restrictions will be eased.

For the sake of our economy, we of course need to get businesses up and running again, but we must remember it won’t be how it used to be. Power Control is lucky though; as a provider of critical services it’s been able to continue to work. Through these slightly crazy times, we have learnt a lot of lessons and adopted a lot of positive change. Our ‘normal’ will be different but most definitely for the better.



You couldn’t help but get swept up in Captain Tom Moore’s story today. He has become an overnight inspiration to all generations. Having set out to try and raise £1000 for charity by completing a milestone 100 lengths of his garden, he surpassed even his own expectations with donations now over £32m. His centenary and incredible contribution was marked today with a flypast of a Spitfire and Hurricane from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

We’ve been heart warmingly inspired by the now, Colonel Tom Moore. In a recent interview he said: “Please always remember, tomorrow will be a good day.” It is this type of healthy optimism that we should all try to adopt more of. If you set your sights on something, you can achieve it and possibly so much more. The sky’s the limit… or is it?!



‘Always look on the bright side of life. Always look on the right side of life’ – Eric Idle.  

The meaning behind these lyrics are incredibly fitting for the present. It reminds us to look at the good instead of focusing on the negative. Essentially to always look for the good, despite all the chaos – there is always a positive.  

How true this is. We’ve realised that no matter what the task we can tackle it! We were asked by a client a week or so ago to create a custom solution – something new, something that we’d never created to this scale before. Initially daunting but a few internal discussions later – fully achievable.  

Against the odds we pulled it off. Our suppliers and partners really helped us get this project over the line – another reminder of how important these relationships are.  

People often say that for every negative, we should each draw at least three positives. Yes, Eric, we will ‘always look on the bright side of life’. 



What a difference a day makes. Even the weather is giving us a stark reminder of how quickly things can change. We are also reminded of how adaptable, we as a population can be. Millions of people all over the world have made considerable changes to their daily lives. We’ve had to discover a new pace of life.  

There are so many good things that have been borne out of Covid-19. It is hoped that some of the good is continued long after the virus is beaten and that we don’t all just fall back into our old ways. We should all being using this as an opportunity for positive change – to better ourselves… our lives. We need to appreciate this time and although we are all restless for it to end, we need to value the everyday lessons that we are being taught.  


MONDAY 27th APRIL 2020 

What a beautiful weekend of sunshine we have had yet again. We hope you were able to enjoy it. By the sounds of it our team had some lovely walks, BBQ’s, drinks – sore heads and sunburn! 

It also seems that with more time to spend at home a lot of us are starting to notice the little things. From loose light fittings and door handles to really appreciating scuffs, cracks and wonky bits that make the character of the home. The number of us that have done some form of DIY in the house and/or garden is remarkable!  

We’ve also started noticing the little things around the office too. Things that we’ve never really been aware of before but are features and behaviours that are essential to our business. Of course we are also spotting some niggles that need to be addressed. Just small things, like keeping the printer paper in a different room to the printer and cleaning products spread across multiple cupboards with no real logic or order….  

Covid-19 has opened our eyes up to noticing the small things, whilst also reminding us that really we shouldn’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ – there are bigger forces at work.  


FRIDAY 24th APRIL 2020  

With the weekend weather predicted to be a scorcher we are really hoping that everyone remains sensible. It is so important for people to know that if social distancing boundaries are pushed, and if people make irresponsible decisions to congregate in public spaces, then the measures will be harsher, and our lockdown will be prolonged even further. No one wants that. We want the whole team to be together again!  

We reminisced today about our last team event before lockdown, which was a Family Feast session. We are a very ‘foodie’ group. It’s almost incomprehensible that we’ve come from casually having dim sum and cake bakes to scrabbling to buy flour and other basic store cupboard items!. The things we take for granted…   

We’re definitely so much more appreciative of things that we hadn’t even given a second thought to before, like bread and eggs. So, as we round off another week and look forward to some sunshine, we hope that everyone enjoys it sensibly and manages to treat themselves to al little bit of something sumptuous.  



It has officially been one month since the official lockdown began. How are we all coping? Well, we’re doing really well. The business has kept going and it is very much business as usual. We have been very fortunate as a company to still be operational – and profitable.  

On a team call today, a colleague did point out that we all seemed a little rough around the ages; we’ve let ourselves go a little bit. We have to admit that we are a bit straggly and a far cry from being pristinely turned out as we normally more. The comment however, has spurred us into action! We should all being making more of an effort to pamper ourselves and make an effort to do something really nice. We all need to be treated now and then – we shouldn’t forget – it’s the little things that bring the most joy. 



Today is Earth Day. It is a day that is celebrated to remind us of the planet’s fragility.  

Covid-19 has been a stark reminder of how delicate our planet really is. A single virus capable of causing such disruption. But Earth Day takes us back to think about our atmosphere and the impact it has on our moods. It has been very fitting that the UK has been bathed in sunshine on a day where we should reflect on nature and environment.  

We noticed a few weeks ago that the air was clearer, cleaner, brighter. That alone brings such an invaluable feel good factor.  

This year Earth Day has also recognised the coming together of communities, businesses and governments from all over the world. A comforting notion that gives us confidence for the days, weeks, months and years to come. Our family ethos and solidarity keeps us motivated, strong and eager to work even harder.  


MONDAY 27th APRIL 2020 

What a beautiful weekend of sunshine we have had yet again. We hope you were able to enjoy it. By the sounds of it our team had some lovely walks, BBQ’s, drinks – sore heads and sunburn! 

It also seems that with more time to spend at home a lot of us are starting to notice the little things. From loose light fittings and door handles to really appreciating scuffs, cracks and wonky bits that make the character of the home. The number of us that have done some form of DIY in the house and/or garden is remarkable!  

We’ve also started noticing the little things around the office too. Things that we’ve never really been aware of before but are features and behaviours that are essential to our business. Of course we are also spotting some niggles that need to be addressed. Just small things, like keeping the printer paper in a different room to the printer and cleaning products spread across multiple cupboards with no real logic or order….  

Covid-19 has opened our eyes up to noticing the small things, whilst also reminding us that really we shouldn’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ – there are bigger forces at work.  


TUESDAY 21st APRIL 2020 

Over the last few weeks, the Power Control family has been taking part in various challenges to raise money for a host of charitable causes. Collectively in January we had a new lease of determination to get fit and healthy. The fact that we can do this and give a little something back to the community is just a bonus. We’ve had to be incredibly with ourselves …. And at times each other – all of us motivating one another to just try harder – and never give up.  

We’ve adopted a ‘strive for better’ motto, which is embraced throughout the company. We don’t like to give up on anything – not even a UPS. We refurbish them whenever possible and when it’s not our engineers turn into furniture makers! Turning UPS into table tops, shelves and wall art. Nothing should be given up on, it can always be more – even an old UPS! 


MONDAY 20th APRIL 2020 

It was live streamed for over eight hours and within the next 24hrs had over 25m views – the One World: Together at Home concert is yet another demonstration of pushing boundaries and great achievements.  

Organised by Global Citizen and in support of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the virtual concert was curated by Stefani Germanotta – or as we know her – Lady Gaga. She helped bring together artists from all over the world with the aim to not only bring joy and comfort through music but to also showcase international, real life situations. Afterall, we are living through a global pandemic. 

It was surprising to see the event criticised over the quality of performance; with not all of artists having studio recording equipment readily available at home. Of course it wasn’t going to be perfect but that wasn’t the purpose of the event. Whilst the negative Nancy’s are entitled to their opinion, should we not just be inspired by the incredible effort that was put into the musical showcase?  

Covid-19 is, hopefully, a once in a lifetime experience and although, dreadful and shocking, this virus has brought out the best in humanity. It has highlighted true acts of selflessness, generosity, compassion and love. It has defined ultimate resilience.  


FRIDAY 17th APRIL 2020 

We had confirmation last night that the current lockdown restrictions are being extended until at least the 7th May. It was expected, which meant that we were and are prepared. Like many others, including the Cambridge’s, we are focused on the positives and it was lovely to see the Royals giving emphasis to ‘re-centring and re-focussing.’ Something that we have given a lot of our attention to this week.  

Another sentiment that is being echoed across entire communities is the opportunity to adopt new ways of working. So many businesses, from multi–million £ corporations to one-man bad start ups – All realising potentials that we never knew could exist. We definitely have and cannot wait to share these with you. 

For now though, here’s a Friday night ‘cheers’ to all the key workers, with an extra special thanks to our very own – we send our good wishes to all of you. Stay safe and thank you for keeping the nation, and us, going.  



Following on from our thoughts from yesterday as regards to ‘Global Stillness’, the journey that Covid-19 has placed us all on has given many the opportunity to ‘restart’.  

The dramatic changes in business, and to lives all over the world, could be seen as the perfect excuse to break bad habits and adopt improvements; both in our professional capacities, and personally. 

One bad habit, that has probably been held by many of us is the tendency to be so wholly absorbed in what is immediately in front of us. Head down, and in terms of work, getting on with the task at hand. Whilst a good attribute to have in some sense, it makes for a very insular environment.  

Ironically, this forced change of circumstance and instruction for social distancing, has in fact brought the Power Control team even closer together. We are more mindful of one of another; taking an interest in not just roles at work, but in one another’s lives. Learning more about those that we have spent so much time with has been really uplifting and has, without question, brought this family closer together.  

We recommend to everyone that they take a moment to look up.  

Look up from the daily grind and find out something new about a colleague, a friend, a neighbour. Look up and take notice of the architecture, the trees… the sky. Trust us – you’ll be amazed, humbled, calm.  



A phrase was used today on BBC Radio 2, and it got us thinking – Global Stillness. It was used in reference to the impact that the coronavirus has had. The term itself exudes a sense of tranquillity; despite its intention to highlight the significance of thousands of businesses being on ‘pause’.  

With Global Stillness in mind, the scene we would paint would illustrate ducks on water – very serene on the surface, and perhaps a much more resonant association to the current state? It has to be said that we have had little time for stillness. Any moments of calm that we have had, have been turned into moments of reflection. A time to look at what we’re doing well, have done well and what we can improve on.  

As a team we have approached these unimaginable times with as much optimism as possible. Turning each challenge into an opportunity and turning these, wherever possible into successes.  


TUESDAY 14th APRIL 2020 

Many of us woke up this morning to blue sky and sunshine and to what can only be described as a beautiful English, spring day. Then, a moment of remembrance – not our usual return to work after a bank holiday. However, we did wonder if it was too soon to speculate that our next bank holiday, might signal the end of this set of ‘lockdown’ restrictions. Dominic Raab, has made strong suggestions that this could be extended until May 7th. A mere 16 days away.  

This news got us thinking.. What else can we achieve? For us, this four week ‘lockdown’ period hasn’t changed much, we’re still fulfilling service visits and orders to our regular clients and addressing the needs of new ones. We have however, pushed ourselves to respond to several jobs where we have been needed to lend a hand and step in quickly with stock and engineer support. 

So, what will the coming weeks have in store for us?  



Tonight we saw the third nationwide ‘Clap’ and it’s been really lovely to see even more people taking part. This evening felt even more emotional. Perhaps because earlier today we learned of the lockdown extension and were given an insight to the true Covid-19 fatality figures.  

Whilst many have the NHS and other healthcare workers in mind during this mark of support, our appreciation extends to our own key workers – our engineers and service team. Still on the ground and working hard to keep us going.  

Our team has really come together to ensure that we can continue to play our part in keeping not just critical facilities running but also other organisations including councils, office buildings and data centres.  

For now though, we’ve been blessed with a bank holiday. A time for a lot of us to really unwind and for others to spend true quality time with our loved ones (where we can). Fingers crossed for some more sunshine! 



The sun came out and what a welcome bit of vitamin D it was. There’s something about the sunshine that instantly makes you feel better. There are proven health benefits so it’s no wonder that a few rays bring out a smile in everyone. It adds a spring to your step and a flutter of euphoria.  

We were probably not as euphoric though as those in Wuhan, where they have finally emerged from their lockdown. 11million Wuhan residents have been under one of the most stringent lockdowns, with total closures to businesses and transport. Last night, the gradual lift on restrictions began in the Hubei province, which brought relief not just to those that live there but worldwide.  

For however long our lockdown goes on for, our team is energised, helped a little by today’s sunshine but as with yesterday, and the day before that, and the ones before that, we remain optimistic, incredibly busy and ready to take on whatever comes our way next.  



Nothing’s going to stop us now….! 

Keeping to our Empowering Peers schedule, which sees us deliver regular internal training sessions, we held our first ‘virtual’ one today. Despite some minor technical glitches, it was a resounding success and a reminder that our ‘norm’ is continuing.  

In fact, as a business we have been busier than ever. Not only are we continuing to work with our existing client base on projects and routine maintenance, but we are also working on a significant number of really exciting new opportunities.  

We are pushing ourselves; exploring avenues that we possibly hadn’t dared to before but having been involuntarily pushed out of our comfort zones, what better time than to just go for it! We are really optimistic for the future, which seems against the grain for many, but we are so fortunate in our position and so very grateful for it.  


MONDAY 6th APRIL 2020 

Today we launched our #ActOfKindness campaign. Inspired by watching whole communities work together during these challenging times, we aim to bring a little more joy and support to one another by carrying out simple acts of kindness.  

So far today we have mowed a neighbour’s lawn, taken shopping to an elderly relative and donated money to a very worthy cause.  

The outpouring of generosity that has swept the nation is testament to what we as a country can achieve. The Queen herself referred to our “national spirit”, imploring everyone to follow the guidelines set out so that life, as we once knew it could return sooner.  

It has to be said though, that our new normal is really not to dissimilar from our old. Yes, we have adapted the way work a little bit and more of the team is working remotely but in terms of our day to day, it’s business as usual. We are still receiving and despatching, still processing and delivering orders and still going to site to install and maintain UPS systems. We are very fortunate to be in this position and are so proud of the team for their continued commitment to the business.  


FRIDAY 3rd APRIL 2020 

When you put your mind to it, you really can do anything.  

Look at what has been achieved at the London Excel! 9 days,160 contractors and 200 army engineers have resulted in a fully operational hospital with a 4,000 patient capacity. Named after one of the most iconic nursing leaders of all time, this first Nightingale hospital showcases, as Prince Charles commented: “an unbelievable feat of work.” 

If someone had told us three weeks ago that the Excel Centre would be a hospital within a month, we wouldn’t have believed them. The last time our team was there it was very much an exhibition facility, hosting one of the largest data centre events of the year.  

These last few weeks really has shown that the impossible can be made possible. As a team we are excited to continue to push the boundaries of possible both professionally and in our personal lives. Who knows what’s going to come next but what we do know is that we can achieve anything – we just need to put our minds to it.  



Like many others, today we want to give thanks to our key workers. Our engineers, the team in the field installing, servicing and maintaining UPS systems at critical facilities. We know that you place yourselves in high risk areas every day in order to do your job and we thank you for choosing to do so. Not only are you supporting our business, but you are also providing a vital service for essential organisations.  

This evening, the nation, will once again show their appreciation by opening windows, doors and taking to the streets to clap for carers and all the other key workers. Engineers, data centre operators, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, waste disposal workers, transport operators and all the other incredible people that are keeping the country going.  



It seems that we are all settling into some sort of routine. Embracing our new ‘normal’, we were able to take some time to  recognise our employee of the month Stuart. Voted for by the team, Stuart has been instrumental in navigating the business through this very difficult period with minimal disruption to operations. He has done this expertly, whilst also ensuring the continued safety of his team.  

Stuart has been with the company for well over a decade and is a key part of the Power Control family. His commitment to the business is unfailing and he is a true credit to us. Much of his team, those from service and our engineers are providing essential work to front line businesses. Supporting countless healthcare facilities, public sector offices and data centres across the country, we are so grateful for their commitment.   


TUESDAY 31st March 2020  

It’s been seven days since the UK declared ‘a national state of emergency’ and our lockdown began. So we’ve been in this whirlwind for approximately 168 hours and it’s astonishing to see how much has been achieved in that time.  

As a business, we have pushed ourselves to the limit; reevaluated processes to guarantee that we continue to deliver essential services to our customers. We have introduced new shift patterns to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and are taking every precaution necessary to ensure that our engineering capacity remains at full force. Lucky for us, like the UPS we supply, our team is incredibly resilient ?.  

As a country, we have stepped out of our comfort zones and reached new heights to survive and to help others. A great example of this was highlighted today – It is no secret that the Power Control team is a big fan of gin and we were very enamoured by the news that gin distilleries are using the much beloved spirit to make hand sanitiser. The Bombay Sapphire facility at Laverstoke Mill aims to produce 1.1 million litres to supply to GP surgeries, chemists and care homes.  

All over the country we are seeing businesses stretch themselves to beat these truly unprecedented circumstances and we hope that taking the right approach now will set our foundations for the future.  


MONDAY 30th MARCH 2020  

An interesting observation was made by several colleagues today – Our air quality has improved. With significantly less vehicles on the road it probably isn’t surprising that the air is a bit fresher than normal but a lovely positive observation nonetheless.  

There’s a short verse doing the rounds on social media ‘Mother Nature Wants Her Earth Back’ by Donna Ashworth, it gives a very different perspective to Covid-19. In short, the message is that we should slow down, take stock of what we have, appreciate the simple things in life and look after one another.  

The four core principles from this will stand us all in good stead for the future both in our professional and personal lives. Turning challenges into opportunities and barriers into goals.   

Whilst we can all appreciate the unimaginable changes that we have had to make, in implementing these, our team has strengthened itself from the core. Overwhelming acts of kindness and support for one another continue to keep our business resilient. We have unearthed skills we never knew we had and exposed knowledge that was once suppressed. The opportunities that we are being presented with now, although surprising are welcomed with open arms.  



Dear diary,

Last night it was incredibly humbling to see so many people supporting the ‘Clap for our Carers’ campaign. The video footage that has been released from across the country has been lovely to see and no doubt very emotional for all those linked to the NHS.

For many, this will have been a very testing week. The coronavirus has lurched us into a world of doubt and with no one knowing how long the pandemic will last, we must be prepared for weeks and months of uncertainty ahead.

Despite all the added stresses, it has been heartening to see not just our workforce come together but whole communities around us. We cannot escape the impact that this is having on mental health and to see everyone be a little kinder, a little more understanding, a little more patient, is truly lovely.

What’s important to remember is that we are all in this together and if we continue to be gracious with one another and work hard, we will come out stronger at the end.



Dear diary,

With over a quarter of the population in lockdown, we have been overwhelmed by the support and continued efforts from our manufacturing partners. Thanks to them, we continue to receive supply of all our UPS solutions and have just replenished our three phase UPS stock up to 400kVA. Our poor production manager and warehouse team are busier than ever! 

It’s strange isn’t it? That through all the chaos going on around us, when we’re working it almost feels like a normal day. We’re still receiving phone calls, still speaking to clients and partners, still deploying projects and maintenance services. Power Control really is operating as normal albeit our team is a little more dispersed than usual. 

We are very aware that as a business we are one of the more fortunate ones. Never did we think that working within the data centre industry and with blue light organisations would be so rewarding.  



Dear diary,  

It seems incredible to think that it was only two weeks ago that our team hosted a networking event at the London Excel. We were there when the last trade show, Data Centre World and its co-located counterparts was being held.  

Looking back, it was obvious that things were about to dramatically change. Visitor numbers were way below average and there was a slightly eerie undertone in the atmosphere. Never did we think that a mere 14 days later the MOD and NHS officials would have moved in to turn the 100,000 sqm Docklands site into an emergency hospital to treat coronavirus patients.  

The gravity of the impact that Covid-19 is having continues to shock us but as an ‘essential services’ business, we are so proud to be able to play our role in supporting emergency power provisions to the NHS, key distribution hubs and data centres across the country.  

Without question, our team has adapted to new working conditions and restrictions to ensure the continued fulfilment of our services to these critical businesses. It is humbling and motivating to know that the work we are doing will directly impact frontline services like the NHS. The profound sense of purpose is incredibly gratifying and working with such a dedicated team makes this just that little bit easier.  


TUESDAY 24th MARCH 2020  

Dear diary,  

Along with 27 million other people, last night we tuned in to hear the announcement that the UK was facing “a moment of national emergency”. We were told in no uncertain terms that staying at home is critical to saving lives and beating this virus.  

Thankfully as a business we were prepared for this and able to notify teams of our new working arrangements. All those who are reasonably able to do so are working from home and those that need to keep our warehouse operational are safely based at the office. It has to be said that the 2metre distancing rule is far easier to adhere to than we first thought. I guess we have our expansive workshop to thank for that.  

As we operate directly with those on the frontline; NHS, distribution hubs and data centres it has been vital that we are  fully operational 24/7. Despite the turmoil that we’re all facing both professionally and personally, our team has really pulled together and we continue to deliver critical work for hospitals, fire safety and the police.  

It has been really refreshing to have such positive conversations with clients and comforting to learn that so many understand the importance of sustaining a continued supply of power. The UPS is often the forgotten essential.  

So, we close this historic day optimistic and realistic for the coming days, weeks and months. A solid business foundation, years of experience and determined focus in front line sectors means that Power Control is one of the lucky ones and we are forever grateful for our position.  


MONDAY 23rd MARCH 2020

Dear diary,  

After what was an incredibly strange 72 hours, we returned to work today. Like many other businesses this Monday has been like no other.  

The impact that Covid-19 is having on all our lives is far beyond what any of us could have imagined. Deterred from having a weekend drink at the pub or Sunday lunch out, the weekend was, for a lot of us, a very surreal experience.  

The only certainty really was that Monday would arrive and that we would need to somehow get back to work. Some of us have returned to HQ to help keep the cogs going, always ensuring to keep to social distancing guidelines. Others have been able to work from home, some have had no choice but to stay at home and isolate.  

We must commend the foresight of our directors, who months ago began the process of streamlining our IT. The introduction of Microsoft Teams has been invaluable. We’ve seamlessly been able to move to a ‘virtual’ world without any significant disruption and today we had our first client conference meetings and gave our first distant presentations.  

The news that has broken this evening was predicted by many and despite the unavoidable operational changes, it will continue to be as near to ‘business as usual’ as possible. So far it would seem though, that through all the chaos, there is still a very real need for UPS and thankfully for us, our order book remains healthy.