Powering distribution centres for 24/7 operation

Power Control
23 Mar 2020

Distribution centres around the country have never been under more pressure. The media has focused mainly on commending our NHS and the incredible service that they are providing but what about the unprecedented efforts being displayed by distribution hubs, delivery drivers and supermarkets?

Focusing specifically on food and medical supplies, which are presently the most critical items, distribution centres are the epicentre of fulfilment. Relying heavily on automated machinery from stock management systems and production lines to pickers, packers and conveyors, many of these facilities will also house freezers, chillers and other essential equipment – all of which require a constant power source.

With the requirement for 24/7 operation greater than ever, any unplanned downtime could be catastrophic not just in financial losses but the effect on the entire supply chain could also impact consumer welfare.

Facility managers and distribution centre operators need to ensure that they have resilient power protection strategies in place to mitigate any unforeseen interruptions. With greater strain being placed on the country’s grid, there will be more fluctuations in mains power. These spikes, surges, sags and even possible complete failures, could affect the performance of essential equipment and result in disrupted operations.

Backup power solutions not only provide power protection during complete power failures but also help to regulate power and deliver a constant, clean source of power. It is not unusual to see smaller, single phase UPS systems being used to support individual lines of equipment such as a conveyor belt or automatic door and also have a larger, more centralised UPS solution supporting other applications such as IT and telecom infrastructure.

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