Power Control Ltd introduces the next generation of UPS technology – CertaUPS. With over 20 years of experience in the field of emergency power and having worked with the best UPS manufacturers in the world for much of that time, Power Control has been instrumental at every stage of the design and development of the CertaUPS series.
The company has carried out extensive research, which not only covered industry trends and demands but also the manufacturing techniques of individual components and the sophisticated intricacies of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows technologies. This meticulous attention to detail and consideration of user needs has created the CertaUPS series, which has been exclusively designed to serve not just the demands of today but also the requirements of the future. 
Currently presenting the single phase series of CertaUPS solutions to the UK and overseas markets, which is available from 800VA to 20kVA, the range has been made to the highest manufacturing standards, rigorously tested and quality control inspected in the UK prior to despatch. 
Combining sophisticated multifunctional characteristics, the CertaUPS power protection solutions include intelligent monitoring and shutdown software for virtualised servers and operating systems, (also available for smartphones and tablets), increased real power availability and full circuit board conformal coating to deliver ultimate resilience and efficiency. 
Commenting on the launch of CertaUPS, Power Control’s managing director Mark Trolley said: “Working closely with our manufacturers we have invested heavily in the research and extensive analysis of every technical component and topography that has gone into the creation of the CertaUPS range. 
“Previously badged under the Borri Ltd ‘B’ series, the CertaUPS single phase range has taken the very best materials, UPS topologies and user features to create the most advanced, high performance single phase UPS series available.
“We are also finalising the last details of our new three phase UPS solution, which will be released in the autumn.”
With both line interactive and online double conversion UPS solutions available, Power Control is able to deliver industry leading operational efficiency, superior user flexibility and supreme functionality for all types of operating environments.
Power Control has over 20 years of experience in providing resilient power protection solutions for a plethora of critical applications in a wide range of industry sectors including the emergency services, financial, education and IT.
Operating from its purpose built facility in the UK, it provides an extensive selection of backup power systems, both tower and modular along with the experience, skills and services required for a full lifecycle managed solution.

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