Standard UPS service contracts

We offer a wide range of UPS maintenance and servicing options so each site can choose the most suitable package for their needs. Our customers can rest assured they have the most comprehensive care available in the UK. Our support services range from an entry level contract with routine visits only to an all inclusive contract that includes guaranteed response times, parts, labour and out of hours works.

We have selected our most popular UPS contract requirements and combined them into four levels of cover as seen below. All our contracts include one preventative maintenance visit per annum, level one spares * on a per fault basis and all travel and labour costs - so there's no need to worry about raising paperwork in an emergency. The four levels of cover have different guaranteed response times, so you can choose which best suits your operation and budget.
*Level one spares are items engineers will use to get a UPS back online, removing the need for orders to be raised. Up to a maximum value of £200

Create your own contract

If our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum contracts don't exactly fit your requirements, or you need to add extra services with your cover plan,  you can create your own level of UPS service contract here...( Anchor to Create your own contracts)
or you can always contact us and we can provide maintenance plan tailored to your exact requirements.

Multi-year discounts

We also offer multi-year contracts that are subject to special discounts, by committing to a multi-year contract you get a fixed price for the term agreed plus added discounts. This is very popular with NHS and government organisations as it is an inflation beater.