The need for effective UPS maintenance is imperative in this ever changing critical infrastructure.

An industry whitepaper has been published which details a number of effective ways to prolong the lifespan of a single phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Aside from offering sound advice for the technically minded, we at Power Control Ltd believe that the article further outlines the importance of UPS maintenance packages for power protected businesses.

The advice offered in the article, written by Justin Solis, explains the numerous factors that help determine the lifespan of a UPS system. It also describes how a proper maintenance program should go much further than simply checking that UPS batteries are functioning and outlined the need for rigorous inspection of vital components on a regular basis.

“The tips talked about in the industry article are nothing new for those in the business,” said Rob Mather, sales director here at Power Control.

The environment that the uninterruptible power supply is housed in is also an important consideration of UPS maintenance. If the temperature is too high then the service life of sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries will be shortened. High temperatures also mean cooling fans will be in operation permanently thus shortening the service life of this vital component.

All-encompassing UPS maintenance from Power Control Ltd

Luckily, our UPS maintenance packages go much further than reliable same day repairs. Onsite preventative maintenance will identify issues before they become a problem and offer valuable advice on how to adapt a UPS system’s environment to better prolong its lifespan.

“From our Bronze UPS maintenance package right up to our Platinum care plan we offer 360 degree support 24/7,” said Mr Mather. “Our UPS technical support team are on hand to offer you the best advice, whilst our engineers can ensure that your UPS remains functional for when a business really needs it.”

Power Control has over two decades of experience providing vital power protection solutions since the business was established in 1994. Recent high profile clients included Glasgow City College. Other projects include city councils and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Power Control is an uninterruptible power supply provider that houses professionalism and customer care at its very core. From installation and throughout your UPS service lifespan, with Power Control, your business is in safe hands.