UPS Power Accessories

UPS Power Accessories for expanded functionality & management.

Our UPS power accessories include SNMP network management cards, static transfer switches, DB9 relay cards and metered rack PDU’s – plus other expansion items for single and three phase UPS.

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UPS Power Accessories - Network Cards, STS, Bypass Switches, PDU's

UPS power accessories for expanded performance & management of your system including SNMP network management cards, static transfer switches, bypass switches, metered PDU's & other components.

SNMP Network Management Cards: Power Control's SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Card is our latest generation of UPS monitoring and management equipment. This expansion card will allow the user to remotely monitor the UPS status, and control the UPS power functions from any location.

STS – Static Transfer Switches are automatic switching equipment designed to instantly transfer electrical power loads between two independent power sources without any interruption or break in the supply. They are used in failsafe or parallel redundant power environments to switch seamlessly between power sources.

Bypass switches - A UPS bypass switch is a useful addition to an uninterruptible power supply system that, while not essential to UPS operation, is definitely advantageous in the event of a UPS needing maintenance or repairs. A bypass switch allows the UPS to be removed from the power circuit without breaking the power supply and ensures that power continuity is maintained in the event of a failure.

UPS PDU's - A Power Distribution Unit distributes power to the critical load. A metered PDU distributes electrical power additionally displays the load power consumption in amps on a digital display. This lets the user better manage their rack and to optimize power loading levels while avoiding overloads.

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