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Ingenio UPS System

Borri Ingenio Plus UPS System

Online double conversion UPS system

Borri Ingenio Plus UPS is ideal for small to medium size data centres and critical network applications


Small footprint, transformer free design, making this ideal for small data centres and server rooms, network and telecom devices, safety and emergency systems, building automation and medical equipment.

The Ingenio is one of the most cost and space efficient power protection solutions on the market. It has been designed using the same time honoured Italian craftsmanship that Borri has become synonymous for and as such it not only boasts superior efficiency but also unbeatable power resilience.

Achieving less than 3% input total harmonic distortion and 0.99 input power factor (PF) the Ingenio series has a negligible effect on the mains supply thanks to a combination of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) rectifier and digital signal processing (DSP) control. This transformer free UPS can be run in parallel with hot swappable batteries making it without any disturbance to the load.

Product Features

  • Minimum amount of installation space: this series features extremely small dimensions and one of the lowest footprint in its range.
  • Low running cost: high efficiency and ECO mode reduce overall power losses and thus energy costs.
  • No electrical system oversizing: full IGBT technology providing smooth sinusoidal input current cuts all system oversizing costs.
  • Easy commissioning and quick maintenance: removable power modules and simple handling for low installation and service times.

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