Marine & Offshore

Power Control can provide Ruggedised solutions for all marine and offshore applications

Marine and offshore technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and so are the ruggedized UPS systems used to support them.

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Every marine and offshore application presents a unique challenge which often carry harsh and unforgiving environmental conditions for an uninterruptible power supply.

Our experience extends across most marine vessel types and encapsulates all on-board IT systems. We provide backup power solutions for navigational systems, emergency lighting, drilling, lifting and commercial passenger vessel applications including cinemas, retail, EPoS.

Power Control has vast experience of providing special applications UPS solutions and as a Lloyds certificated supplier, all UPS solutions provided by Power Control are DNV and ABS compliant. We have completed 100s of customised solutions, built and modified to run in more demanding marine environments. These modifications typically include:

  • Ingress protection ratings of above IP22 for both UPS and battery boxes
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Ruggedisation
  • Long life battery modules
  • Deck/Bulkhead fixing
  • Built in DC isolators
  • Location of inlet and outlet fans
  • Unit dimensions to fit into restricted areas

Suitable Applications

Supplying bespoke UPS solutions, Power Control is able to provide the correct level of power protection to marine and offshore applications no matter the environmental conditions.

Passenger Vessel

With applications ranging from cinemas and retail to emergency lighting and navigation, you need a UPS supplier with a wide range of UPS systems available.


Requiring ultimate power resilience that delivers scalability and reliability in harsh environments.

Navigational Systems

One of the most important systems on board, the navigation system requires uninterrupted power at all times

Emergency Lighting

Regardless of the vessels use, emergency lighting must be installed. It is important for the emergency lighting system to always be available even without mains power.

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