The utilities industry is multidimensional, where there is no ‘one system fits all’ solution.

They require backup power solutions that deliver ultimate resilience, reliability and performance.

Utilities 1

Made up of three core sectors; gas, electricity and water, it combines traditional production methods with leading edge smart technology. These advancements have inherently made equipment more susceptible to poor power supply quality.

The challenges facing the utilities market are extensive – from introducing completely new energy distribution models, improving efficiency and lowering carbon emissions through to introducing new technologies and process and consumer level to enable users to have more control over their consumption. Even greater pressure has been placed on the utilities sector as it works to supports the UKs ambitious net zero target.

These great demands contribute to a continuously evolving landscape and the equipment that supports it must advance with it. Power availability is absolutely key and in such broad market, power protection strategies become extremely complex. They need customised UPS systems that are not only suited for harsh environments and that are rugged but that also meet industry regulations.

Power Control has supported the utilities sector throughout each evolution and has done for over two decades. Delivering leading edge backup technology that meets strict specifications and standards including WIMES 3.07.

With a full range of customisable power protection systems that meet any specified IP ratings, Power Control is expertly placed to specify industrial grade backup power solutions that will not only deliver superior power resilience but that also support the rest of the electrical framework.

Suitable Applications

Supplying bespoke UPS solutions, Power Control is able to provide the correct level of power protection to marine and offshore applications no matter the environmental conditions.

Water Treatment

Water treatment works come with stringent specifications and relies heavily on its power infrastructure. Custom built IP54 rated UPS solutions are available from Power Control.

Power Distribution

Distribution networks need to safeguard against power supply anomalies in order to deliver a clean, continuous supply of power.

Decentralised Energy

As the model shifts, power protection solutions will need to be revaluated. With access to a full range of UPS systems and bespoke solutions we can provide whatever the market needs.

Pipeline Management

UPS systems are used are positioned across the country supporting IT and monitoring equipment that manage gas pipelines

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