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The Leading Uninterruptible Power Supply Specialist

Power Control Ltd is trusted by businesses worldwide – protecting our clients’ critical power loads and avoiding unplanned business downtime with leading uninterruptible power supply technologies is our top priority.

Whilst UPS systems form the cornerstone of Power Control Ltd, our rich history and long experience of the entire electrical path enables us to offer much more than just backup emergency power. Our product portfolio is meticulously selected so the right continuity solutions can be designed, delivered, installed and maintained for each client’s exact power protection requirements. We are authorised UPS service partners for Borri, Legrand, Huawei and CertaUPS.

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Delivering leading edge UPS solutions that meets strict specifications and standards in the utilities sector including WIMES 3.07.


Our rugged UPS systems are designed to handle inrush demands for motors, robotics and drivers, making them ideal for manufacturing applications.

Marine & Offshore

Ruggedized UPS systems for applications in harsh environments such as those for the marine and offshore sector.

Case Studies

Power Control is a prominent and highly influential leader in the field of business power continuity, with over 25 years of experience installing UPS and uninterruptible power protection across a wide spectrum of markets, including medical, public sector, data centre, retail and IT.
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Our Sector Knowledge

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading UPS manufacturers to supply UPS systems and power protection from 800VA through to 6.4MVA. We are authorised UPS service partners for all our represented brands.

Uninterruptible Power Technologies

Industry Power Protection Solutions

In today’s 24/7 on-demand world, UPS systems have become a pivotal part of an organisations infrastructure, providing a continuous source of power to the critical equipment of most industry sectors. Committed to supporting specialist industry sectors, Power Control has vast experience in delivering custom power protection solutions for utilities, process manufacturing, aerospace, medical and oil and gas. We work very closely with our Uninterruptible Power Supply manufacturing partners Borri Spa, Huawei and CertaUPS to design, develop and deliver not just bespoke backup power systems for these industries but also to implement entire power protection strategies for them.

With over two decades of experience in providing critical power solutions, we understand that one size does not always fit every environmental landscape. We work closely with all of our manufacturing partners to create tailor made solutions comprising of bespoke Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, which includes containerised UPS solutions. This ensures our power protection equipment meets the specialist needs of certain industry sectors such as healthcare, utilities, oil and gas and process automation.

Complementing this service, our sophisticated in-built -monitoring software accompanies each of our UPS industry solutions, not only monitoring the UPS but also providing measurements, status information and event logs 24/7.

Power Control office team collaborate on an uninterruptible power supply project for a customer

UPS System replacement

It is important to note that while some of the of the older UPS systems may currently be in working condition within hospitals, data centres and so forth, the reality is that all electro-mechanical systems have components which eventually deteriorate.

Uninterruptible Power Supply technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace and so it is becoming increasingly important to conduct regular UPS system health checks.

Power Control has a dedicated UPS replacement power division, which works to ensure that all UPS systems are delivering optimum performance. Offering detailed lifecycle reports, efficiency audits and site surveys, the UPS replacement power team also supports all works concerning UPS remedials and battery works.

These tests allow us to evaluate the age of the UPS, how much energy is required to run the UPS, and how much energy is being wasted. Following this, we put forward installation proposals, method statements and project timescales with the understanding that every UPS replacement and battery works are different and as such, each requires skilled workmanship and detailed planning.

UPS Replacement

UPS Maintenance and Servicing

UPS maintenance is the largest part of our business. Power Control maintains approximately 10.4 MVA of uninterruptible power system solutions for over 1,500 different sites across the UK. Our UPS maintenance contracts are designed to meet the exact needs of businesses and can include everything from preventative maintenance care through to 24/7 technical support and 4 hour emergency callout response.

The wide range of maintenance contract services that we offer means that we can develop comprehensive bespoke service packages for all types of businesses and customer requirements. In order to deliver this, our fully accredited and highly trained engineers are strategically located around the country for a guaranteed rapid response time. As authorised UPS service partners for Borri, Legrand, Huawei and CertaUPS, we can ensure that equipment is professionally serviced and all product warranties remain valid.

UPS electronic circuitry under inspection for a routine UPS maintenance assessment

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