"We have worked with Arcinova for a lot of years, and have supplied, installed and maintained a number of UPS solutions for them in that time. When it came to needing a replacement UPS we were able to provide Arcinova with the most suitable solution for their current and future needs– and within the timeframe that they needed it. Having seen their sales increase by nearly 60% in the last year, Arcinova is continuously investing in the development of its 15,000m(2) facility so having a ‘scale as you grow’ UPS option was perfect for them."

Samuel Rea - Power Control's Senior Consultant

About the product

Huawei UPS5000-E

25kVA - 800kVA


A hotswap modular UPS scalable up to multi-megawatt solution for medium to large data centres

Ideal for medium to large sized data centres, the UPS5000-E is a modular hot-swappable design expandable from 30kVA to 800kVA .The modular architecture simplifies operations and maintenance (O&M) and greatly improves system availability.

Service and support forms an essential part of the Power Control offering and includes all aspects of service and maintenance for all brands and models of UPS, generators and batteries. The Power Control service team provides a complete 24/7  UPS battery replacement service, where it undertakes everything from the initial site survey and battery calculations through to delivery and installation of the new batteries.