Leeds Trinity University

“Having had a long standing relationship with Power Control over a number of years, we were already familiar with the quality of its UPS solutions. In terms of performance, there is nothing else comparable on the market and for this particular project, where any downtime would have a devastating operational impact, it was vital that we provided a solution that was not only the most resilient available but also highly efficient.

“The B8000FXS series ticked all the right boxes and Power Control provided us with exceptional service support. The team was professional at all times and on hand every step of the way. The installation was completed smoothly and efficiently and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

Ronnie Lloyd, Articulates technology consultant

About the product


Designed to be flexible and scalable, the Huawei modular UPS5000-E ensures a reduced operating cost and easier overall maintenance.

Chosen for their impressively high efficiency, the Huawei UPS5000-E has hot-swappable static switches, and they also have a redundant control module (both being hot-swappable) so do not have any single point of failure other than the main input/output terminals.


Service and support forms an essential part of the Power Control offering and includes all aspects of service and maintenance for all brands and models of UPS, generators and batteries. The Power Control service team provides a complete 24/7  UPS battery replacement service, where it undertakes everything from the initial site survey and battery calculations through to delivery and installation of the new batteries.