Providing uninterruptible power supply solutions for all critical power applications

Offering a variety of UPS solutions for a range of business applications, Power Control provides a holistic approach to power protection strategies.


UPS systems provide critical backup power to lifts allowing evacuation of disabled or injured persons in the event of an emergency.

Fire Suppression

Power Control supply BS EN 50171 compliant UPS units for emergency life systems such as fire suppression.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential part of an evacuation plan and must be installed by law with some form of guaranteed power supply complaint with BS EN 50171

Medical Imaging

Loss of critical power to sophisticated medical imaging equipment poses a huge risk to infrastructure and patient safety.

Medical Lighting

Loss of power to medical lighting poses the obvious risks especially to patient and staff safety.

Critical Care Units

Patients in critical care facilities often rely on life support machines and so it is vital that there is no loss of power or power fluctuations

Colocation Data Centre

Due to the high competition in the market, one of the primary drivers for colocation (colo) data centres is to keep costs to a minimum.

Medical Records Bureau

A power outage could result in a medical data breach or a significant loss of sensitive patient information


Backup power equipment such as UPS systems are critical to ensure CCTV systems are recording 24/7.

Power when you need it the most