Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is essential for evacuating a building and is required by law

Emergency lighting UPS systems must comply with British Standard EN 50171, protecting residents, allowing a safe shutdown of potentially dangerous equipment and ensuring compliance with FRA’s and safety regulations.

Emergency Lighting UPS

Emergency Lighting is required, by law, in any public building, commercial or residential. By definition, it relies on a continuously-charged battery backup power source. There are two types of emergency lighting, maintained and non-maintained.

The difference being non-maintained is a luminaire designed and installed solely for emergency use. It will illuminate in the event of a mains power failure, but will not operate as your normal day-to-day lighting system like maintained emergency lighting does. Just like a normal luminaire, when running ordinarily maintained emergency lighting will take power from the mains supply, but in the event of a power failure, they take power from a backup battery.

Regardless of whether a maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting system is installed, both rely up on a battery backup which should have at least a 3 hour discharge period.

Where emergency lighting is installed it should comply with BS 5266-1 which specifies that “prompt lighting is provided and for a suitable time in a specific area when the normal power supply to the lighting fails”. BS EN 50171 also applies and according to The Signs Directive, signs that require some form of power must be provided with a guaranteed supply.

In order to be compliant with the above regulations a form of backup power, such as a UPS, should be present. Where a UPS is installed, this too must comply with BS EN 50171 and, if being used as a CPSS (Central Power Supply System) must also comply with IEC/EN 62040.

Borri Spa, the esteemed Italian UPS manufacturer have designed specialist systems, encompassing their cutting edge UPS technology with modified elements to comply with EN 50171. Safety systems, such as emergency lighting, can be connected either to a distributed power supply or to a CPSS. Being compliant with IEC/EN 62040, Borri’s ECS range of emergency lighting UPS units can be used as a CPSS resulting in a less complex electrical design and a reduction in maintenance costs.

Power control have a long standing relationship with Borri and have a collective 105 years of experience within the industry. Offering 3 phase ECS UPS systems from 10kVA-160kVA specifically designed for emergency lighting applications.

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