Selecting the correct backup power provision for any application is essential but can be difficult to navigate. Understanding the principle differences is key. Looking specifically at Central Battery Systems (CBS) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions, whilst very similarit is important to know that they are not interchangeable.  

A CBS is designed explicitly to cope with significantly greater overload protection for life safety applications such as emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, smoke extraction and evacuation lifts.  

Backup power solutions for any of these applications must adhere to a set of government standards and regulations. The most familiar is BS EN 50171. This sets out a requirement for a minimum of 120% permanent overload capacity10 year battery design life, automatic circuit breakers for static bypass and rectifiers, and that the charging current must have a 10 hour capacity level and cannot be less than 0.1C10 

BS EN 50171 also references polarity reversal protection where reversed battery connections can be done without any damage or impact. Discharge protection is also a key safety measure to ensure that batteries are safeguarded against varying levels of discharge current 

Other regulations such as BS 5266-1 go into slightly more detail on the speed in which power must be restored to any life safety application. A CBS must have the ability to provide and recover 80% autonomy within 12 hours in the event of a mains failThe final directive to make note of is EN 60598-1 which stipulates that the backup power system must be housed within an IP20 metal enclosure. 

Guidance is also given with regards to operating modes. An ‘Uninterrupted mode’ must have the load continuously fed by the inverterA ‘changeover mode’ must have the load fed continuously through the bypass and a ‘changeover mode with control switching’ needs to include a switching device for emergency only loads.  

It can seem more convoluted than it isAll the above policies are easily achievable. Borri Spa for example, has drawn on its manufacturing history and engineered a range of CBS exclusively for life safety applications 

All the CBS solutions from Borri Spa meet the required regulations and standards. They also come with acid proof battery trays, separate input for rectifier and static bypass with automatic circuit breakers and temperature probes to measure the charging voltage vs ambient temperature compensation. The Borri ECS series is available from 10 – 160kVA with both single or three phase output. The solutions also feature the company’s patented Green conversion technology and are available with backfeed protection contactors for added protection 

When it comes to understanding power protection and the equipment available, Power Control has had over 26 years of experience in the field and has delivered countless solutions for life safety applications within both critical and non-critical environments.  

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