Preventative UPS maintenance is essential. If there is one piece of advice that we would give it is – not to cut corners. With the bleak economic outlook a reality that cannot be avoided, the temptation to skimp to save will undoubtedly have crossed many minds.  

Power Control Ltd has already seen some businesses caught out and is imploring others to remain frugal, but not foolish. This is especially important where critical equipment is involved, not least because it comes with regular, preventative UPS maintenance recommended, to ensure that the equipment always operates as it should. 

No matter how many years a person has dealt with UPS systems, unless they are a fully qualified UPS engineer, they should not take it upon themselves to carry out any physical installation or maintenance works. Those that do try, often fall fowl to avoidable, costly oversights 

For example, what could be seen as a relatively simple task that could be undertaken by an authorised electrician, such as plugging the UPS into the mains, has the potential for error. The input could be mistaken for the output and vice versa, which would cause the UPS to show a fault and have a pricey knock on effect. In a circumstance like this, the user would probably assume that the UPS is defected. This would result in the need for a new UPS to be commissioned and installed – and most likely for an engineer to attend site.  

When it comes to the maintenance of UPS equipment, it is not enough for checklists to be filled out by an onsite electrician, these systems must be examined by certified UPS engineers. In most casesthis is a standard warranty condition. Power Control is keen to remind UPS owners that regular servicing is absolutely vital to ensuring the UPS operates exactly as it should do and that wherever possible these should not be postponed. This is without question, not an area to skimp on.  

At present, Power Control understands that in some circumstances this is unavoidable but the company has taken all the necessary safety precautions and is strictly following Government guidelines to be able to continue to carry out these essential UPS works. 

Power Control Ltd works with businesses across the country and supplies, installs, commissions and maintains backup power solutions for all applications. The company is the exclusive distribution and service partner for Borri Spa. Its national team of engineers are all factory trained and are available 24hrs a day. As an authorised Borri service partner with over 25 years of experience, any Borri UPS repair or service carried out by Power Control will ensure that all product warranties remain valid.

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