The Covid-19 impact on businesses is unlikely to be clear for months, maybe years. Already we have seen countless companies forced to close with many others falling into administration. Whilst the outlook is a bit bleak, business owners must do everything they can to safeguard their holdings.

One of the most forgotten assets are UPS systems. Found in most facilities, they are used to support all types electrical applications from IT, telecoms and EPOS systems through to emergency lighting, door entry systems and critical equipment for medical and blue light establishments. Whether the systems are small desktop UPS or large three phase solutions, they all have a value and cannot be left idle.

UPS systems of 6kVA and above should have a technical condition report carried out before decommissioning if the UPS is to be unused for a prolonged amount of time. Likewise, a make safe service is also recommended for situations where the load to a UPS will be significantly reduced. In both cases businesses may want to consider the safe removal of UPS batteries, which are extremely hazardous and if left in unsuitable conditions could result in significant damage and even the risk of fire.

Hundreds of UK businesses are fighting for survival doing whatever they can. Difficult decisions will need to be made, with many downsizing to try and cut costs. In these circumstances Power Control can offer a full decommission and relocation service. For those selling a premises on, condition and make safe reports from Power Control can help add value to the business.

The condition and make safe reports will confirm the current performance of systems, outline the existing environment and give detailed guidance on best practice. Power Control has provided emergency power for businesses of all sizes for over 26 years and is trusted by leading institutions across the country. The company’s nationwide team of engineers deliver all regular servicing and maintenance works, following strict site restrictions and out of hours protocols.

At present, Power Control understands that organisations are resistant to allowing engineers on site but the company has taken all the necessary safety precautions and is strictly following Government guidelines to be able to continue to carry out these essential UPS works.

Power Control works with businesses across the country and supplies, installs, commissions and maintains backup power solutions for all applications. For more information please visit, email [email protected] or call the office on 01246 431431