Now is not the time to be complacent. Especially when it comes to the performance and security of our infrastructures.  

For most businesses in the UK, March 2020 will have been a complete blur, where the focus would have been on survival. Those fortunate enough, quickly introduced home working for as many employees as feasible. These remote set ups are now well established and as the country heads into its next wave of lockdown, these practices havfast become the present ‘norm’ 

Panic is being replaced with acceptance and Power Control Ltd has seen a notable shift from reactive, impulsive behaviour to more considered and proactive attitudes. Business continuity is firmly a top priority and it is essential that physical resilience is recognised at ground level. 

It is therefore vital that organisations are aware of power supply and the quality of source. Reports have shown that due to business closures, and many manufacturing sites temporarily on stopthere has been a drop in power consumption. The national grid has taken on a very different output landscape; where there is a more constant supply spread across significantly more individual users.  

This will undoubtedly have repercussions when the lockdown restrictions are liftedThe grid is likely to feel the strain as the nation gets back to full operational capacity. Power spikes, sags surges and total power failures are expected. Businesses must be prepared for this. Simple measures cannot be forgotten and ensuring power protection strategies are followed through could prove to be invaluable.  

Many of these essential procedures begin with preventative maintenance to check critical equipment, such as UPS systems. If the national grid does falter, having a UPS could be the difference between being operational and survival and, in the worst case, total closure. After weeks of not being able to operate, the last thing any business would want is further downtime and lost revenue due to a power failure, which could have been prevented 

Backup power solutions, UPS, are designed to deliver a continuous supply of power and protect critical equipment. Any failure that could be avoided is intolerable. Power Control is urging businesses to review their power protection strategies and have routine UPS checks carried out as soon as it is reasonably safe to do so. Companies cannot afford to be idle; preventative UPS maintenance and total adherence to established power protection policies is an absolute necessity to ensure business continuity.  

Having UPS systems serviced and maintained by authorised partners is vital to ensuring that product warranties remain valid. Power Control is the exclusive UPS service partner for Borri Spa, Huawei, Legrand and CertaUPS. All of its engineers are factory trained and availbale 24/7 for any UPS servicing and maintenance.

Power Control Ltd works with businesses across the country and supplies, installs, commissions and maintains backup power solutions for all applications. For more information please email [email protected] or call the office on 01246 431431