The intrinsic links within global supply chains are becoming increasingly scrutinised. With over 20% of the world’s population in lockdown, the domino effect on daily lives has been staggering. Not only this, but the country was blindsided by the speed in which Covid-19 took hold of the UK and its businesses. It took only a matter of hours to witness complete business closures and factory shutdowns, causing immediate disruption to international manufacturing industries and supply links. 

As Chinathe world’s largest manufacturing centre, was the first to lockdown, the rest of the world was impacted instantaneously. The production of electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and countless consumer items were put on hold, triggering worldwide shortages. These have been most felt across the healthcare sector, with reported shortages of surgical gloves, protective masks, antibacterial sanitiser and respiratory aids mainly hitting the headlines.   

With the UK a few months behind China in the coronavirus cycle, many are probably thinking that they should have been more prepared for the lockdown. Especially knowing that only those businesses deemed as essential would be allowed to continue to operate. Obvious establishments such as the NHS, data centres and supermarkets are very much on the front line.  

Then, there are those businesses that support them, ones that are essential to business continuity. Like Power Control Ltd, a company that provides critical back up power solutions (UPS). The products and services it provides are vital to keeping businesses operational.  

There is a grey area though, one that is being highlighted more and more. Peripheral industries, so for example the companies that provide IT support, advisory services and other subcontractors that are not essential have been left to make their own decisions on whether or not they should continue to operate. 

Power Control is in a very fortunate position as its foundations have been built around the availability of all aspects of the service it offers. Not just in terms of physical product but also its project and maintenance services. Over its 26 year historyPower Control has forged some invaluable partnerships with leading manufacturers, contractors and consultants. Despite this, the directors of the business have always sought to ensure operational independence to minimise its reliance on third parties. In hindsight an extremely shrewd move, especially given the current circumstances. 

The company has a fully stocked warehouse, thanks to foresight earlier in the year and with its in-house engineering capabilities, installation teams, project management and technical support, Power Control is able to seamlessly continue to deliver its products and services to frontline operations. 

This solid business model is enabling Power Control to continue to work with its broad client spectrum, which includes NHS estates, emergency services, public sector, data centres, water treatment facilities and supermarkets amongst other essential industries identified by the government. 

Power Control supplies, installs, commissions and maintains backup power solutions for all applications. The company holds over £2million of UPS stock including three phase UPS systems up to 300kVA. Its team of nationwide engineers are also available to respond to immediate call outs.  

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