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The solution and results

With the relationship spanning over 10 years, DIS immediately drafted the help of Power Control to complete a full site survey and subsequently an efficiency audit which highlighted the outdated UPS technology currently in place.

As part of the audit, Power Control recommended switching out the old units and replacing them with two CertaUPS C500 10kVA UPS in an A+B configuration. This solution provided Flexitallic with a 2-hour autonomy instead of the previous 30 minutes achieved by their old units.

The backup power system supports upwards of 50 servers so having a maintenance bypass was crucial for keeping their networking equipment running during planned service visits. Another feature that their previous installation lacked, and they highlighted as a key requirement.

Server failure can be a result of a many power disturbances including power surges, spikes, malicious attacks or in a firmware bug on the storage disks. Regardless of the cause of the power failure, loss of power to the servers can cost thousands in lost data and down time, not to mention having to revert to backups resulting in months of lost work.

A UPS is therefore critical to protect the business’s continuity. Power Control understood this importance and so worked closely with network specialists, DIS, to ensure most reliable solution was chosen.  The A+B configuration reduces the number of single points of failure and therefore increases reliability of the system.

Matthew Foster, Project Director at DIS, commented:

“As Power Control always hold stock of single phase CertaUPS units, they were able to quickly supply us with the UPS systems needed for the Flexitallic project.

“Having worked together on a plethora of other projects, we are fully confident in their knowledge of the entire electrical pathway and the industries they operate within. IT frameworks are incredibly delicate to work with and we have no hesitations in entrusting Power Control to conduct through site surveys and recommend the most efficient solutions for our customers.

“When on site the Power Control team represent DIS professionally and the support that they provided throughout the entire project was exceptional.”

About the Product

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The single phase CertaUPS C500 is an ideal UPS for network applications, its small footprint lends itself to being placed in situations where space is at a premium, like server rooms. Depending on the required runtime, the C500 can be supplied with internal batteries as standard but for extended runtimes additional battery cabinets can be installed.

Available in either a 6 or 10kVA rating, the online double conversion UPS has been engineered to be easily paralleled when required, adding additional flexibility and enabling further capacity or redundancy.

As a prestige CertaUPS partner, Power Control offers their entire range of line interactive and online double conversion single phase UPS systems from 800VA to 20kVA.The range combines sophisticated multifunctional characteristics with high performance features including power factor units.

Power Control has over two decades of experience in delivering power protection solutions. It adopts a fully inclusive approach to the delivery, installation and commissioning from preliminary consultation and project management through to aftersales and service. The company has its own nationwide team of engineers available for immediate assistance. Its product portfolio is comprehensive and includes systems from 800VA through to 6.4MVA.

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"The great relationship that Power Control and DIS have really shows through in the standard of work they produce together. The installation went very smoothly and we are extremely happy with the CertaUPS C500 UPS systems. They give us piece of mind that if we were to have a power cut, we could continue working without any downtime. The amount of power we achieve from such a small footprint unit means they aren't taking up valuable space on our premises."

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Richard Shaw


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