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The solution and results

With over 100 aircraft movements per day, East Midlands Airport relies heavily on its highly sophisticated automated infrastructure. Any system malfunctions or loss of power could cause flight cancellations and delays costing the airport £thousands in lost revenue.

 It is, therefore, crucial that the airport evaluates its critical power systems and adopts a complete power protection strategy

Following a routine site visit from Power Control it was discovered that the facility’s UPS system was only running a 70% efficiency. This had meant that an oversized generator had been specified and the airport was seeing extremely high energy costs.

Directly addressing the efficiencies, Power Control recommended replacing the existing UPS with a modular UPS system. A Huawei UPS5000-E 125kVA frame with 50kVA in a N+1 configuration has now been installed and commissioned along with a SDMO generator that was able to be reduced by 45% in size.

Not only have incredible efficiency savings been made directly from the UPS but demand for air conditioning has also been significantly reduced

The Huawei UPS5000-E was supplied and commissioned without a hitch and Power Control was able to utilise the existing batteries and monitoring system. Installed alongside the UPS, was a 110kVA SDMO generator with a John Deere engine. Both are now not only providing critical power protection for the control and radar tower but also delivering East Midlands Airport in excess of 60% in energy.

East Midlands Airport is now carrying out further site reviews and is already working with Power Control on its next project.

About the Product

UPS5000-E (40-320kVA)
UPS5000-E (40-320kVA)

The Huawei UPS5000-E is a modular UPS designed to be flexible and scalable ensuring a reduced operating cost and easier overall maintenance.

Chosen for their impressively high efficiency, the Huawei UPS5000-E have hot-swappable static switches, and they also have a redundant control module (both being hot-swappable) so do not have any single point of failure other than the main input/output terminals.

Designed to be a high performance, low TCO UPS solution, the Huawei UPS5000-E range not only delivers ultimate power protection but also maximum power density. Engineering works can be quickly undertaken, which integrates hot swappable power, bypass, control and monitor modules, allowing them to be removed or replaced without disturbance to the load. This in turn can mean a more reliable power supply.

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Not only has Power Control been instrumental in the initial scoping of our requirements but the team’s professionalism throughout the installation has been exceptional. They had extremely strict parameters to work within, which required expert coordination between site engineers and team project managers to ensure a seamless transfer, with limited disruption to the airport and passengers.

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A Bestwick

Airfield Engineer, East Midlands Airport

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