Providing Resilient Power Backup for Leading German Supermarket Chain

The solution and results

Power Control decided that in order to maximise efficiency and reliability, the supermarket chain was best utilising two Borri B9000FXS 100kVA UPS units, which are now playing a critical role in providing power protection for all of the site’s electrical components.

Offering the highest levels of protection available, the Borri B9000FXS UPS three phase systems incorporate true online double conversion technology. Their sophisticated design ensures that the power supply is totally independent of any mains interference such as spikes and voltage variations, and continually delivers the German supermarket seamless transfer to battery power with no break in supply. This was installed timely, efficiently and reliably by Borri specialist engineers.

About the Product


With impressive credentials, the Borri B9000FXS series is one of the leading high efficiency UPS solutions on the market and has a prominent position on the government’s Energy Technology List. Unique tricore technology enables the Borri B9000FXS to offer AC/AC efficiency of 95%, which is typically around up to 15% more than a conventional UPS.

The Borri B9000FXS also boasts:

  • Three year warranty for peace of mind
  • Front access for ease of use
  • Scalable up to 8 units in parallel for changing needs
  • IGBT rectifier for newer technological advances and faster switching
  • Smart Online functionality >98% for efficiency
  • Internal galvanic isolation transformer to increase efficiency but reduce weight and size
  • THDi <3% with input power factor >0.99 to reduce power distortion and installation costs
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We have been working with Power Control for over a decade and the UPS systems from them have proven resilience and improved efficiency. They are competitively priced and we have seen them highlighted in an increasing number of project specifications. With regards to this client, a break in power could cost the businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds, making it absolutely vital for us to provide a UPS solution that would deliver ultimate power protection. We have every confidence that the Borri UPS systems will provide the exact resilience required.

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Jason Smith

Managing Director, NSSE

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