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Vision Express Sees Clear Benefits From New UPS Installation

The solution and results

It was imperative that the chosen UPS provided 100% reliable power resilience. Any power fluctuations and breaks in power could damage the company’s hi-tech lens equipment and conveyor belt system and result in £1000s of damage. Having purchased a number of Borri UPS units in the past to support various data centres across the country, Vision Express chose the Borri B9000FXS for its proven performance.

PCL also supplied an intelligent internal SNMP card for remote monitoring shutdown. For added peace of mind, all of the Borri three phase UPS systems are provided by PCL with a unique UK three year parts warranty, and so Vision Express benefited from this saving valuable time and money.

Working closely with one of its preferred electrical contractors, STP Solutions, PCL supplied, installed and commissioned the Borri B9000FXS within a matter of weeks. With a very short time frame to work within, precision planning was essential and both PCL and STP Solutions worked tirelessly to ensure the entire project was delivered seamlessly.

This was all achieved because PCL continues to be committed to Borri three phase UPS products and technologies and remains an official UK distributor for the Italian UPS manufacturer. PCL continues to receive direct manufacturing and technical support from Borri Spa whilst maintaining its high level of engineering involvement, which is supported by its all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and high UPS and product spares stock levels.

As the UK’s fastest growing UPS specialist, PCL also has an unrivalled maintenance repertoire and is renowned for its flexible contract solutions. Vision Express has been benefiting from PCL’s expansive maintenance services for a number of years and has taken out a three year, tailored gold maintenance contract for its latest UPS unit.

About the Product

B9000FXS (60-300kVA)
B9000FXS (60-300kVA)

Renowned for not just its power resilience, the transformer based Borri B9000FXS is certified

by TÜV NORD Cert as one of the most efficient and resilient transformer based UPS systems on the market, the Borri B9000FXS demonstrate best in class efficiency standards of up to 95%. They have a negligible effect on the mains supply as they come with IGBT (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor) rectifiers as standard, which provide less than three percent harmonic distortion.

The Borri B9000FXS also boasts:

  • Three year warranty for peace of mind
  • Front access for ease of use
  • Scalable up to 8 units in parallel for changing needs
  • IGBT rectifier for newer technological advances and faster switching
  • Smart Online functionality >98% for efficiency
  • Internal galvanic isolation transformer to increase efficiency but reduce weight and size

THDi <3% with input power factor >0.99 to reduce power distortion and installation costs. For more information please visit, email [email protected] or call the office on 01246 431431

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“The design and manufacturing quality of Borri UPS systems is first class. We have every confidence that our production line equipment will be protected against any spikes or loss in power. We have also been thoroughly impressed with the efficiency of the units and look forward to reaping the rewards of the year on year cost savings.

“It is not just the quality of UPS that has impressed us but also the quality of service from both Power Control and STP Solutions, which has been impeccable. All the engineers responded quickly and were exceptionally conscientious. I would highly recommend both companies to anyone looking for consistently reliable products and service.”

Mr Wardle said: “We have been using Power Control for all our UPS requirements for a number of years and renew our contracts annually. We trust the company implicitly to deliver exactly what we need and at a fair cost. The level of service is exceptional and we have excellent relationships with the Power Control team, which is vitally important in any long standing relationship.”

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Chris Wardle

Senior Systems Engineer at Vision Express

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