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In order to continuously treat and purify water, the plant relies heavily on its critical power infrastructure. Any loss of power from an agglomeration of reasons including power surges, failures, spikes, blackouts or other natural environmental factors could be disastrous and result in homes being without water.

It is therefore essential that the water works have extensive power protection systems protecting the plant from any downtime.

The project was awarded to Power Control by one of its long standing clients, Sentridge – a drives and controls company which has an impressive background of projects within the water treatment industry.

Working closely with one of its principle UPS manufacturing partners, Borri Spa, Power Control was able to supply, install and commission 18 custom built 100KW IP54 UPS units. Positioned as standalone units, the UPS systems are now providing essential emergency backup power across the entire water treatment site.

With extensive knowledge of the complex requirements demanded from the multifaceted utilities sector, Power Control was expertly placed to provide a future proof power protection strategy and essential technical guidance towards the development of the UPS systems. One of the key prerequisites was for the solution to be IP54 rated (protected from water and dust particles), with a sizeably reduced footprint.

Rather than issuing a standard IT grade UPS within an IP54 rated box, Borri was able to design and manufacture an IP54 UPS. The modified unites are 800W x 800D x 2000H and are all front access for easy access and maintenance. The air inlet and outlet fans are also on the front meaning the UPS systems can be pushed right up against a wall, which also contributes to space saving.

The battery boxes were also customised to provide IP54 with a built in DC isolator and housed in a matching 800W x 800D x 2000H front access box. In addition, the bypass switches have also been placed in IP54 enclosures.

About the Product

Borri IP54 UPS at Hampton Loade Water Treatment Works
Borri IP54 UPS at Hampton Loade Water Treatment Works

These customised Borri three phase UPS systems were customised to be IP54 rated and compliant to WIMES 3.07, meaning they are protected from water splashes and harmful deposits of dust.

The units were also modified to fit in an extremely restricted space and so were made to a custom size of 800W x 800D x 2000H and are all front access for easy access and maintenance.

The air outlet fans on each UPS were designed at the front, allowing the UPS to be pushed right up to a wall, contributing to space saving.

The battery boxes were also customised to comply with the IP54 specification. They were designed with a built in DC isolator and housed in a matching 800W x 800H x 2000H front access box. To ensure the complete power protection system is protected from splashes and dust, the bypass switches have also been places in IP54 enclosures.

The customised Borri three phase UPS also boasts:

  • Three year warranty for peace of mind
  • IGBT rectifier for newer technological advances and faster switching
  • Smart Online functionality >98% for efficiency
  • Internal galvanic isolation transformer to increase efficiency but reduce weight and size
  • THDi <3% with input power factor >0.99 to reduce power distortion and installation costs.
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The water treatment works had incredibly strict specifications from the offset. Power Control won the work based on its ability to deliver a custom built Borri UPS solutions and its commitment to delivering the installation within a tight timeframe and within stringent budgets. Having worked in partnership with Borri Italy for almost a decade on developing bespoke power protection solutions, Power Control was confident that it would be able to provide a customised UPS systems that could be IP54 rated and significantly reduced in size. Borri Italy has an impressive research and development team and we have worked in close collaboration with them on a number of high profile custom installs. Power Control has direct access to the factory and witness testing facility at Borri Italy and can therefore easily deliver a service that is wholly indicative of our manufacturing partner. It is our close working relationship that enables us to provide our clients with tailored solutions, designed to meet their exacting requirements.

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Power Control's Divisional Sales Director

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