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How to ensure your UPS copes with harsh weather

Harsh Weather
Employ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology before it’s too late The UK has been battered by significant storms over the years. Storm Desmond left much of Cumbria without electricity for prolonged periods, whilst both storms

The future of data centre power protection

Data Centre
The demands of the data centre are becoming increasingly onerous, past choices are now becoming essential requirements. While in the past a data centre could have muddled through its life, wallowing in its middle age

All about the Borri Ingenio UPS

Borri Ingenio
The BORRI INGENIO was introduced in 2014 superseding the B8033 and B8031, previously on the market for the last 7 years. Many UPS manufacturers have chosen to compromise the integrity of their design by using

CertaUPS the preferred single phase UPS

CertaUPS Systems
The CertaUPS range was introduced to the UK in 2016 as an advancement of the previous B60, B300R, B400, B400R, B500 and B500EVO systems. These include IT, domestic and commercial security, operating theatres among many

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