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5 Reasons Why UPS Maintenance is Important

Why is UPS maintenance important
A UPS, like all electronic and electrical equipment, needs sufficient maintenance in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure optimal reliability. However, a UPS located in harsh environmental conditions can fail even if it is

The Importance of UPS for Medical Equipment

UPS System for medical equipment
As the medical industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology, there is a greater emphasis on the need for a dependable and consistent power supply. Healthcare facilities not only rely on such power for the everyday

Whats Next for UPS?

Question Mark on chalk board
There have been many rumblings of late that centre around the demise of traditional standalone UPS systems and the market longevity of these. It is undeniable that the market is saturated when it comes to

It’s What’s Inside The Box That Matters

Inside a UPS System
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions can now be found in all business environments. From large data centres through to small SME’s and home offices, UPS systems are a critical element in all power protection strategies.

A Glowing Review for Power Control

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Power Control has received a glowing review for its electrical expertise and high performance UPS solutions from one of the world’s largest travel sites. Due to continued business expansion, the global travel review company recently

How to ensure your UPS copes with harsh weather

Harsh Weather
Employ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology before it’s too late The UK has been battered by significant storms over the years. Storm Desmond left much of Cumbria without electricity for prolonged periods, whilst both storms

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