How to ensure your UPS copes with harsh weather

Power Control
08 Jun 2018

Employ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology before it’s too late

The UK has been battered by significant storms over the years. Storm Desmond left much of Cumbria without electricity for prolonged periods, whilst both storms Abigail and Barney caused disruption across much of the country. As the UK continues to be rocked by extreme weather conditions and power outages, Power Control Ltd asks is your business doing all it can to protect itself?

With weather experts predicting that storms will continue to batter the UK it might be time for your business to protect itself from more than just flooding. If a storm affects your businesses electrical supply there won’t be enough warning to perform a safe equipment shutdown without the assistance of a UPS system.

Our range of line interactive UPS’s will also help protect your vital equipment from power surges. Our technology employs what is known as an automatic voltage regulator and guarantee’s a pure sinewave output, meaning the electricity flow remains at a constant state.

Serving your UPS system needs

As a supplier of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to the UK and across the globe, we at Power control Ltd know a thing or two about protecting power and business continuity. UPS systems are the most effective way of protecting vital equipment, including servers, lifesaving machinery or CTV in high security facilities.

Formally know as Borri Ltd, Power Control Ltd has over 20 years’ experience protecting a range of technical equipment for businesses in a variety of industries. From first consultation and survey, we’ll help you plan your UPS system’s needs. We’ll build your power protection infrastructure around the needs of your business and also leave headroom for future growth.