In for a penny: UPS component maintenance

Power Control
27 Aug 2020

Purchasing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system is a commitment and should not be thought of as a one off cost. A UPS system is far more than just a battery. What makes it a resilient backup power solution are the components within it.

Like with any piece of equipment, the chassis is nothing without its inner mechanisms and regular servicing is imperative to maintaining component quality and ultimately ensuring the guaranteed performance of the equipment.

UPS systems are a key part of critical infrastructure and as such, maintenance and service contracts should always be part of the overall UPS investment. Any maintenance contract needs to last for the lifetime of the UPS system.

Whilst the thought of an ongoing cost may seem daunting, it is not worth the risk of going without. The most prudent thing to do is to understand the exact needs and research for the best fit service provider. Remember that cheap is not always better. In fact, in the case of service contracts, what may seem like an initial bargain could end up costing £1000s in hidden items. It is important to understand exactly what a service contract includes, making sure that there are no veiled extras.

Consideration also needs to be given to the level of cover being offered. Beware of contract packages that have been ‘dressed up’ to give the perception of added value. Reviewing the small print is essential to ensure that the correct response times and parts fees are agreed for each UPS unit ad installation.

The type of service provider also needs careful consideration. There has been a worrying rise in the number of companies bolting on UPS maintenance services, many of which do not have the expertise to fulfil the work required. Although some may have electrical and IT experience, it is unlikely that they will be knowledgeable on all makes and models of UPS. It is even more doubtful that they will have a good appreciation of the specific role that each component plays. This ignorance could lead to catastrophic mistakes and failures.

High quality components such as capacitors, fans and rectifiers should never be swapped out for cheaper alternatives. All of these items will need replacing over the lifetime of the UPS as they naturally degrade. However, component lifespan can be extended through regular servicing and detailed cleaning. The cleaner the components are, the longer they will last.

UPS investment can be considerable and although the cost of a service contract can be significant it is a necessity and a critical part of maintaining the performance of UPS and delivering continued resilience. For more information on UPS maintenance please visit


A detailed maintenance plan for UPS is absolutely critical to the performance of the system and should be carried out on a regular basis. Book a free site survey and have your system assessed now.