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Power Control
28 Aug 2018

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions can now be found in all business environments. From large data centres through to small SME’s and home offices, UPS systems are a critical element in all power protection strategies.

In the last decade UPS manufacturers have achieved incredible successes with more efficient, more resilient and more flexible technologies. The market place is now flooded with solutions that not only meet the operational demands of business’ today but also address the aggressive environmental agenda.

Having been part of the power protection industry for over 25 years, Power Control Ltd is one of the most influential power protection specialists and the largest independently owned UPS installation expert in the UK. Over the years it has aligned itself with some of the world’s most sought after backup power solution manufacturers. These include critically acclaimed CertaUPS – expert manufacturers in single phase UPS systems, £multibillion ICT and modular UPS solutions provider, Huawei Techologies Co Ltd and leading European standalone UPS manufacturers Borri Italy.

Commenting on these partnerships, Power Control’s solutions director Rob Mather said: “Our UPS product portfolio is made up of best in class technologies, which have been meticulously selected and rigorously tested to ensure that they are suitable for the environments in which they will operate.

“With so many like for like UPS solutions available on the market we have ensured that we have remained an integral part of product development, working closely with our UPS manufacturing partners to continue to deliver exactly what clients need.

“Having said that, when it comes to UPS technology itself, the market is already plateauing. Standard issue UPS systems from the top manufacturers are able to achieve much of the same. With this in mind, it is important for users to consider the quality of equipment. All our manufacturing partners integrate the highest quality components available. Borri Italy in particular is renowned globally for continuing to use all European manufactured parts within its UPS systems. It is this that really does set them apart from other comparable manufacturers.

“Another key differentiator for Borri Italy is its ability to meet custom demand for specialist industry sectors such as utilities, oil and gas and process automation, which would all benefit from a more tailored approach to power protection. Standard issue solutions, whilst they will provide power protection, they rarely fit into the rest of the environmental landscape. We have recently worked with Borri Italy on a project which highlights just this.”

A tailored solution

Power Control has just completed an extensive power protection installation for one of the country’s largest water treatment works.

Working in close conjunction with one of its principle UPS manufacturing partners, Borri Italy, Power Control was able to supply, install and commission 18 custom built 100KW IP54 UPS units. Positioned as standalone units, the UPS systems are now providing essential emergency backup power across the entire water treatment site.

With extensive knowledge of the complex requirements demanded from the multifaceted utilities sector, Power Control was expertly placed to provide a future proof power protection strategy and essential technical guidance towards the development of the UPS systems. One of the key prerequisites was for the solution to be IP54 rated (protected from water and dust particles), with a sizeably reduced footprint.

Rather than issuing a standard IT grade UPS within an IP54 rated box, Borri was able to design and manufacture an IP54 UPS. The customised solution also needed to be reconfigured to be smaller than the standard Borri 100kW units as space was extremely restricted. The modified units are now 800W x 800D x 2000H and are all front access for easy access and maintenance. The air inlet and outlet fans are also on the front meaning the UPS systems can be pushed right up against a wall, which also contributes to space saving.

The battery boxes were also customised to provide IP54 with a built in DC isolator and housed in a matching 800W x 800D x 2000H front access box. In addition, the bypass switches have also been placed in IP54 enclosures.

Power Control’s divisional sales director, Matt de Frece commented on the project: “The water treatment works had incredibly strict specifications from the offset. Power Control won the work based on its ability to deliver a custom built Borri UPS solutions and its commitment to delivering the installation within a tight timeframe and within stringent budgets.

“Having worked in partnership with Borri Italy for almost a decade on developing bespoke power protection solutions, Power Control was confident that it would be able to provide a customised UPS systems that could be IP54 rated and significantly reduced in size.

“Borri Italy has an impressive research and development team and we have worked in close collaboration with them on a number of high profile custom installs. Power Control has direct access to the factory and witness testing facility at Borri Italy and can therefore easily deliver a service that is wholly indicative of our manufacturing partner. It is our close working relationship that enables us to provide our clients with tailored solutions, designed to meet their exacting requirements.”

Power Control Ltd

Power Control’s product portfolio includes single phase, three phase standalone and modular UPS solutions, the technologies Power Control supplies are of the highest calibre. The business provides complete peace of mind, bringing together the very best components to achieve industry leading performance and superior efficiency. For further information email or call 0800 136993

Borri Italy

Based in Bibbenia, Italy, Borri has over 80 years of manufacturing expertise. Over the years Borri Italy has invested heavily in its production facilities, which now span over 20,000m(2). All of its UPS components are designed, developed and engineered in Europe and quality tested in its own manufacturing site. It is this pedigree that positions Borri UPS in a different class. Not only are we leaders in the field for developing standard issue standalone UPS solutions ranging from 10kVA – 6.4MVA, we are also renowned worldwide for delivering custom built power protection solutions.