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Power Control
18 Mar 2020

Covid-19 has well and truly taken over the country, and much of Europe. The coronavirus started out as a fast spreading infectious disease in Wuhan, China and has now become a global pandemic affecting not just tens of thousands of individuals but businesses as well.

Whilst working from home has gained popularity over the years, with approximately 1.5million Brits already doing so, no one could have predicted that by 2020 the country would see over 70% of its employed population working from home.

Now with many businesses being forced to allow their staff to work from home, are we prepared? Today’s working practices depend heavily on digital interface and aside from standard hardware requirements, such as laptops and phones, companies also need to look beyond just the basics.

Setting up a workspace at home for the odd day is very different to establishing a secure, long term home office environment. Unprecedented strain will be placed on residential networks, which could ultimately result in further fluctuations to the grid. This inevitably will affect power supplies, which is why savvy businesses are making further investments and issuing backup power systems to their employees, in particular, to those that rely on being on the network.

Simple plug ‘n’ play UPS systems will not only support the obvious; PC’s and telephones but should also be considered for WIFI routers. Working from home is disruptive enough without having to accommodate even more downtime.

With so much focus on working from home, it is also important that businesses do not neglect their back offices and comms rooms. Power Control Ltd is advising all companies, big and small to have their UPS systems checked to ensure they are in optimum condition. Should offices be told to shutdown, these critical power supplies will play an essential role in the uninterrupted performance of severs and other vital office equipment.

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For support on and guidance on best home working practices, the BBC has posted some useful information on its website #ignoranceisnotbliss