The difference between single phase and three phase UPS systems

Power Control
08 Jul 2018

For those who are unsure about the differences between single and 3 phase UPS systems, and which is more suitable for your powers supply needs, here is a brief overview of the main differences and usages.

Single phase UPS systems

A single phase installation consists of a single sine wave input and is typically a single phase of a larger 3 phase supply. A typical example of this would be a local 3 pin UK socket which uses 230/240 VAC (UK Single phase) to supply power. Most small power hardware including rack mounted servers, telecoms, network switches, computer systems or any device running from a standard 3 pin UK plug, operate from a single phase supply.

All of our Single Phase UPS up to 3kVA will typically be installed to a standard UK plug. Sizes above 3kVA would be installed to a single phase distribution board.

3 phase UPS power supply

A 3 phase installation uses the full 3 phases which are generated from the grid. A 3 phase electrical supply comprises of three individual sine waves and can be installed as either a 3 wire or 3 wire & neutral configuration. A three phase source would typically come from a local transformer, with the standard three phase voltage being 400/415 VAC (UK 3 phase).

3 phase UPS systems are usually used in larger installations such as data centre ups, clinical care & large industrial power applications. All 3 phase solutions will need UPS installation to a 3 phase distribution board, which is usually achieved via a bypass switch facility.

Single and 3 phase UPS systems for a host of industries

As previously alluded to, a power loss can see you wasting hours trying to find out what the issue is and going over any work you may have lost. If customer information is affected, you might have to spend wasted hours making apologies and rectifying the situation.At Power Control we are proud to say that we provide backup power supplies for a range of clients across a whole spectrum of industries, including data centres, healthcare and telecommunications. So whether you require a single phase or three phase unit, you can trust our years of experience to provide you with the backup power you need.