UPS health checks and efficiency reviews

Power Control
06 Jun 2018

Why you should book a UPS health check and efficiency review today!

In this day and age, we have become heavily reliant on technology in our day to day lives. Every couple of years we upgrade our mobile phone and maybe every few years we upgrade our computer. We do this because we know that technology is always advancing, meaning we can achieve so much more whilst using so much less.

How true that is. One of the first digital computers ever built was the size of a small data centre and took 3 years to complete. These days a run of the mill mobile phone has 1,300 times more power (a smartphone has even more) – and that fits in your pocket.
However, we may not always apply this rule to equipment that many businesses rely on for much more critical purposes – we may even take these things for granted. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about UPS systems (uninterruptible power supplies).

UPS systems have become a pivotal part of organisations today, providing a continuous source of power when we experience a power cut. Without it banks would lose Billions, Hospitals would lose patients and businesses would cease to work effectively. But how often do we check on their functionality? When was the last time it had to be used? Has it been sat there for the last 20 years collecting dust?
At Power Control, we can help answer the above questions. We fully understand the importance of regular checks on UPS systems and making sure that they are doing the job that they were designed for – protecting your critical equipment.

How do we do this I hear you ask?

Our UPS health checks and efficiency audits allow us to inform you on how well your UPS is working and also how much it is costing you to run. We start by conducting a basic interrogation of the UPS along with a general inspection. Through this, we can evaluate the age of the ups, see if the UPS is reaching the end of its lifespan and make any recommendations to keep your UPS running as it should be.

We then follow this with an efficiency audit. This test allows us to understand how much energy your UPS requires to operate, which in turn will tell us how much energy is being wasted. This will be followed by a report that offers our recommendations on how you may be able to save thousands on your running costs.

UPS technology is advancing at an extremely quick pace. Just like we upgrade our mobile phones and computers every few years, we may need to be looking at our backup power solutions to see if they are working as they should be and to see if there are any savings that can be made.
To book your UPS health check and efficiency audit please email us