Why preventative maintenance is the best cure for UPS

Power Control
08 Jun 2018

How does a UPS system protect large data centres, IT rooms and server equipment?

Find out about the benefits of not only selecting the right UPS to protect your critical data from harm but also carrying out preventative maintenance on your UPS system.

For businesses which rely heavily on large numbers of computers storing masses of important information, a power failure is an unmitigated disaster, not only because of the inconvenience but also the potentially great loss of time and money. Backup power solutions provide a continuous provision of power even if there is break in the mains supply.

Benefits of an uninterruptible power supply – Protecting big data

Prevent loss of data

An interruption in power could result in a devastating loss of data. This could be exasperated if the lost data contained personal or sensitive information. It is always better to have a backup system than having to explain to angry clients or customers why their data was lost.

Save money

Not only is the loss of information a potentially expensive occurrence but also the time you waste after a power outage. Work can be lost and valuable time is then used up redoing lost work or waiting for the power to return. With a UPS system, there is no interruption to your productivity.

Save time

As previously alluded to, a power loss can see you wasting hours trying to find out what the issue is and going over any work you may have lost. If customer information is affected, you might have to spend wasted hours making apologies and rectifying the situation.

Peace of mind

One of the key reasons to consider a UPS system for your big data centre is to be safe in the knowledge that you are immune from all of these nightmare scenarios mentioned above. Knowing that your power supply is constantly being monitored and regulated allows you to concentrate on the more pressing issues affecting your business.

How do UPS systems work?

UPS systems monitor voltage levels looking out for a sudden low or high. If the system senses a drop in voltage then it will replace this power from within the battery function. This is done by the activation of the automatic transfer switch which changes from the main power source to the UPS in less than a second. This swift response avoids any interruption to the important computer equipment and prevents a brownout to all the devices powered by that system.

Power Control Ltd.

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