Borri unveils emergency central system range of UPS

Power Control
13 Nov 2018

Leading power protection specialist, Power Control Ltd has released the latest life safety, transformer free UPS range from globally acclaimed backup power protection manufacturer, Borri Spa.

Designed exclusively to meet the European compliance standard EN50171, which outlines best practice recommendations for UPS solutions that support life safety equipment, the ECS (Emergency Central System) range from Borri can be used as a CPSS (Central Power Supply System) instead of a distributed power supply. This is hugely beneficial as a CPSS requires less complex electrical design and can reduce maintenance costs.

Borri Emergency Central Systems are available from 10KVA to 160KVA encompassing two models E8031/E8033 ECS (10-50KVA 3/1, 3/3) and the INGENIO ECS (60-160KVA 3/3).  Both of these models have been designed in compliance to the international EN50171 standards and the product standard IEC/EN62040. These standards specify obligatory technical features and system testing requirements for UPS systems that are to be used as a CPSS.

Already supporting a multitude of life safety applications including smoke extraction, emergency lighting, warning systems and fire suppression, the Borri ECS deliver extended runtimes, 120% overload capability, deep discharge protection and secure enclosures.

Manufactured to the highest industry specifications the Borri ECS UPS range includes industry leading 10 year battery life, battery polarity reversal protection and charger temperature compensation. The ECS range has also been designed with unique acid proof battery cabinets and racks and IP20 metal enclosures as per EN605898-1.

Drawing on the same philosophy, expertise and engineering pedigree that Borri is renowned for, the ECS series demonstrates new innovative design and manufacturing methodologies to offer exceptional high efficiency and extended component life. Further cost savings are achieved through easy system access for fast maintenance, which can result in reduced MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

With a small footprint, the compact design of the Borri ECS UPS solutions are efficient to install, deliver intuitive monitoring and come with LCD display with the INGENIO ECS also featuring a touch screen display.

Commenting on this latest product release, the Italian manufacturer’s CCO, Bessam Moutragi said: “Borri has been designing and manufacturing power protection solutions for over 80 years. Our experience allows us to develop technologically advanced custom solutions that are not only resilient and efficient but ones that are able to withstand harsh environments and comply with stringent industry standards.

“Power Control has extensive experience in offering bespoke power solutions to both core and niche industries. Our partnership, which began in 2009, has opened up huge opportunities for Borri. Through Power Control’s impressive market presence and knowledge of key sectors, we have been able to showcase our ability to manufacture custom UPS systems. Pushing the boundaries of UPS technology to present some of the most ground breaking solutions this decade.”

Power Control exclusively supplies, installs, commissions and maintains an extensive range of Borri UPS solutions to the UK market. These include both transformer free and transformer based systems from 10kVA to 6.4MVA. For more information please email or call the office on 01246 431431