Legrand UPS demand continues

Power Control
18 May 2020

Following a hat-trick of consecutive orders for the Legrand Trimod HE UPS, Power Control Ltd is keen to showcase why this particular high density, modular system has gained so much popularity.

Relatively new to the UK UPS market, the Legrand Trimod HE is a sophisticated three phase UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solution, which delivers a unique modular framework. The individual single phase modules offer a rated power from 10 – 80kW. The modules themselves are redundant, self configuring and include a plug and play connection system for easy maintenance and future expansion. In addition they are also lighter weight and smaller making transportation and the overall UPS installation easier.

The sophisticated design of the Trimod HE UPS solution makes it incredibly versatile where it can not only supply three independent single phase lines, with a different operating time priority allocated for each one, but it is also able to offer three different input/output configurations within a single cabinet. For example, it could have three phase in/three phase out, single phase in/single phase out, three phase in/single phase out or single phase in/three phase out.

These configurations provide maximum flexibility whilst ensuring high redundancy levels. The detailed construction of the Trimod HE UPS allows for varying redundancy levels to be set. This is further supported with the addition of multiple control boards, which facilitates the control of separate battery packs and hot swappable modules.

Another key feature of the Trimod HE UPS, which has caught the attention of many in the industry is its dual input function option. Offering up to 80kW, the cabinet can be fed two separate AC sources.

Legrand is renowned for its heavy investment in research and development, which has enabled it to engineer first class solutions that deliver industry leading reliability, quality and technical performance. The Legrand Trimod HE has achieved one of the highest certified efficiency ratings of 96%, whilst also delivering a unity power factor.

As expected the Trimod HE UPS includes all standard operating features such a Eco and EPS modes, frequency converter, bypass control, multi-lingual menu and events log. With a small footprint and MTTR friendly design, it is unsurprising that the uptake of the Trimod HE UPS has been so positive.

Power Control was appointed the UK modular UPS partner for Legrand last year and has since worked closely with the Legrand team to deliver fully cohesive solutions to the industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, Power Control has forged valuable relationships with leading contractors, consultants and UPS manufacturers. The company has an extensive single and three phase UPS product portfolio. It includes leading edge standalone and modular technologies, which are all fully supported by in-house project management and nationwide maintenance services.

For further information please visit www.powercontrol.co.uk, email info@powerrcontrol.co.uk or call 0800 136993