Power Control outlook

Power Control
10 Jan 2017

What a momentous year 2016 has been – Brexit, the US presidential election, the loss of some of our country’s finest including Adam Rickman and Terry Wogan, Andy Murray became the first ever British tennis player to achieve the world number one ranking and Toblerone had a very disappointing makeover!

So, what’s in store for 2017? Whilst we won’t predict what global events might happen – as enjoyable as that might be!, we will comment on the what we have experience in – the UPS market – over 20 years of it in fact.

There have been many rumblings of late that centre around the demise of traditional standalone UPS systems and the market longevity of these. It is undeniable that the market is saturated when it comes to centralised UPS. Technology seems to have plateaued and the performance delivered from different manufacturers has become much of a muchness.

This has meant that manufacturers are now having to compete on cost and subsequently, judging from the latest industry figures, are making less profit.

Despite this slightly glum outlook, demand for critical power goes on, albeit in a slightly different vein. The requirement for medium to large sized UPS systems is diminishing and is being replaced by more modular and easily scalable options, fuelled by not just economic circumstances but also the need for rapid infrastructure development.

The adoption of, and reliance on technologies continues to grow, which coupled with increasing power shortages means that the need for emergency power shows no sign of abating. According to experts, the market will continue to grow at a steady pace and is expected to reach in excess of £4.5 billion by 2020.

Much of this growth will come from the uptake of modular UPS solutions. When it comes to the deployment of new UPS systems within large infrastructure settings, the outlook for the immediate future will see many adopt a ‘repair and make do’ attitude.

Commenting, Power Control Ltd’s sales director Rob Mather said:

Power Control offers comprehensive service packages for most UPS sizes and brands. These can provide businesses with valuable peace of mind as they include preventative maintenance service, 24/7 support and same day response to callouts.

The company specialises in all types of work associated with UPS systems including battery supply, replacement, installation and disposal, electrical installation, commissioning, load bank testing, hire services and relocation projects.

With highly trained engineers strategically located around the country, Power Control is able to guarantee its contracted customers same day response and is fully equipped to undertake emergency and reactive maintenance if required.

Previously Borri Ltd, Power Control rebranded in January 2015 to give the company greater opportunities to offer a wider pool of equipment, technical services and project solutions. This scope also further emphasises Power Control’s commitment to delivering tailored power protection solutions for the UK and overseas markets.

Power Control continues to be committed to Borri three phase UPS products and technologies and remains the official UK distributor for the Italian UPS manufacturer. Power Control receives direct manufacturing and technical support from Borri Spa whilst maintaining its high level of engineering involvement, which is supported by its all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and high UPS and product spares stock levels.