Power Control releases EN50171 compliant UPS

Power Control
09 Sep 2017

Power Control Ltd has released the latest new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology from internationally acclaimed Borri Spa.

Fully compliant with EN50171, the new online double conversion 10 – 20kVA E8000 ECS and 30 – 160kVA Ingenio ECS have been specifically designed and manufactured in an IP20 metal enclosure to support emergency battery systems and lighting.

With 120% permanent power battery overload capabilities and 10 year expected battery life, both UPS ECS series have acid proof battery cabinets and racks. Advanced battery technology also delivers reverse current protection, 80% autonomy within 12hours and temperature compensation.

Featuring the same multifunctional characteristics as the standard B8000 and Ingenio UPS solutions, the Borri ECS series includes Borri’s patented, highly coveted Green Conversion Technology, which provides improved battery life expectancy and overall operating efficiency of up to 99%.

Compact and transformer free the new Borri ECS series has three intelligent modes of operation – changeover mode, where loads are normally fed by the bypass line, without interruption mode, where loads are fed by the inverter and a changeover mode with an additional control switching device, where some loads are fed by the inverter or bypass, while others are switched on only when there is a mains failure.

Available to parallel up to 960kVA, the Borri ECS series showcases the very best of UPS technology and demonstrates industry leading resilience. Power Control’s sales director Rob Mather commented: “These latest product releases from Borri epitomise the company’s superior 85 yearlong manufacturing history and complement Borri’s traditional, high efficiency industrial and commercial UPS systems.

“Power Control has seen significant growth within the emergency lighting and safety sectors and with demand continuing to grow exponentially we are thrilled to be able to now offer a standard product that is EN50171 compliant. The Borri ECS series further bolsters our full spectrum of power protection products and services that we provide for all business sizes and needs.”

The company’s product portfolio includes single phase, three phase standalone and modular UPS solutions, the technologies the company supplies are of the highest calibre. The company provides complete peace of mind, bringing together the very best components to achieve industry leading performance and superior efficiency. For further information please email info@powercontrol.co.uk or call 0800 136993