Legacy UPS Systems

Legacy UPS systems include the Borri B-Range, which have now been replaced by CertaUPS Single Phase UPS.

With over a quarter of a million units sold since we began trading in 1994, Power Control customers old and new have a variety of our UPS products in use.

Over the years, we have shown our commitment to supplying our customers with quality equipment. We work closely with carefully selected manufacturers, ensuring the continual improvement and development of the specialist products we provide. This ultimately means some models have become discontinued in order to make way for new ranges of UPS systems which meet the latest industry standards.

It is important to note that while some of the older systems may currently be in working condition within datacentres, hospitals and so forth around the country, the reality is that all electro-mechanical systems have components which eventually deteriorate. With age comes an increased risk of failure, and should a critical failure occur on a model which is no longer in production, parts for its repair cannot be obtained.

Whilst we no longer promote the Borri B range, we do still provide support for the equipment.

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When you do decide to replace your old equipment with a modern UPS system, remember that any upgrade requires expertise in planning and installing.

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