Single Phase UPS

Power Control is a Prestige Partner and Premier Service Partner provider for global single phase UPS manufacturer.

Single phase UPS technology will provide a perfect backup power source for small office networks and non-essential functions.

Power Control provides both rackmount and tower single phase UPS solutions. Rackmount options have been designed to be installed within an IT rack, ideal for where space is restricted and the power requirement is relatively low. Tower systems are self-contained and no not need installing inside any other enclosure.

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Power Control provides single phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS Systems & UPS Power solutions for any power problem

Power Control is backed by over 25 years of experience in delivering three phase UPS system & UPS solutions.

A single phase installation consists of a single sine wave input and is typically a single phase of a larger 3 phase supply. A typical example of this would be a local 3 pin UK socket which uses 230/240 VAC (UK Single phase) to supply power. Most small power hardware including rack mounted servers, telecoms, network switches, computer systems or any device running from a standard 3 pin UK plug, operate from a single phase supply.

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