Three Phase UPS

Three phase standalone tower and modular UPS systems for all power requirements.

Having partnered with some of the world’s leading three phase UPS providers, we have an extensive product portfolio of both standalone tower and modular systems.

This means we are able to offer backup power solutions for a wide range of applications and power requirements. Whether it’s modular solution for a new build data centre where the load will increase or a healthcare facility requiring a standalone tower to meet strict redundancy requirements.

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Power Control provides three phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS Systems & UPS Power solutions for any power problem

Power Control is backed by over 25 years of experience in delivering three phase UPS system & UPS solutions.

Three Phase UPS systems use three separate conductors providing three out of phase sinewaves that are spaced 120º apart. We supply, install, commission and maintain an extensive range of three phase uninterruptible power supplies, UPS systems for all power applications from new build data centres to healthcare facilities an in a range of configurations.

Three phase standalone tower UPS are ideally suited to sites where a fixed requirement is known, or when scaling is pre-planned. Although they have a fixed capacity, they can be paralleled to increase capacity if required. They can be transformer based or transformer free, depending on the model, and each is suited to different applications.

Three phase modular UPS solutions offer flexibility and ensures peak efficiency is always achieved. Modular power capacity can grow as demand grows or be reduced as requirements alter. In addition, the modular approach offers a smaller footprint, greater usability, easy manageability, and inherently greater availability and scalability through its operational life.

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