Delivering Critical Emergency Power Solutions for all Business Applications

As industry leading power protection specialists, Power Control provides comprehensive solutions for any backup power requirement.

Data Centre

Including micro, colocation and modular data centres, these all require reliable and scalable UPS solutions that are fit for purpose.


Customisable UPS systems with superior protection for all industrial applications. These can include systems with extended run times and redundancy for the most critical power protection requirements.


Solid and reliable UPS systems able to handle the most critical loads in operating theatres, imaging and emergency call centres, with intelligent monitoring for total peace of mind.


Robust, efficient UPS systems capable of providing ultimate power protection for CCTV, access control, alarms, motion sensor equipment and other security devices.

Server and IT

Covering all server room and IT equipment that require more sophisticated power protection using line interactive and online UPS systems. These systems deliver optimum resilience and efficiency,


Universities, schools and training establishments require continual power protection in the event of power failure, we provide unrivalled UPS solutions for your exact requirements.

Stadiums and Sports

Efficient, reliable UPS systems that provide power protection during your most critical event hosting including major sports attractions, music festivals and display exhibitions.


UPS systems that ensure your telecom and comms equipment remains operational including Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Voice over IP (VoIP) during power failure.

Small Office and Home

Compact UPS systems, generally with short run times to protect your PC’s and small home and office equipment in the event of power failure.

Power when you need it the most