Data Centre Power Infrastructure

Data Centre Power Infrastructure

Power Control can provide solutions for all types of data centre power infrastructure.

From small server rooms and micro data centres through to dedicated co-location facilities.

Data Centre UPS System

The need for flexibility throughout the life cycle of a data centre power infrastructure system has never been greater.

This has led to a significant rise in the uptake of modular UPS solutions. As the UK partner for Huawei UPS systems, Power Control is able to deliver anything from a single modular UPS system or a modular micro data centre through to a complete multi-megawatt data centre power infrastructure solution.

Standalone UPS solutions still play a very critical role in the data centre emergency power arena and as the UK’s exclusive partner for Borri Spa UPS for nearly a decade we have an unparalleled understanding of these technologies.

Selecting the right UPS solution can be a bit of headache – with the pros and cons of both modular and tower technologies easily arguable. It is important to note that both Huawei and Borri design, develop and manufacture power protection solutions to do exactly that – deliver reliable resilience. Other features such as industry leading efficiency, operational performance and flexibility are all additional benefits that come with investing in leading edge technology.

We work closely with leading industry contractors, project engineers and specialist manufacturers to deliver packaged turnkey solutions for all elements within the data center, including turnkey data center design and build. These valuable partnerships enable us to provide an even wider portfolio of products and services for clients looking beyond the electrical infrastructure.

  • Data centre power infrastructure design and install
  • Standby diesel generator solutions
  • Data centre and UPS systems room cooling solutions
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Fire protection
  • Complete data centre maintenance programmes

"Following an assessment of the company’s existing UPS solution, we found that it was operating in a very inhospitable environment, which was having a detrimental effect on the life expectancy of the UPS batteries. In addition, as power was only being drawn from one battery string, the UPS was not a true N+1 solution. In conjunction with Dimension Data, we offered the Huawei UPS5000-E as a new sustainable UPS solution."

Matt De Frece
Power Control
Rob Mather Team Picture
Rob Mather says:

The need for flexibility throughout the life cycle of a data centre has never been greater, which has seen a significant rise in the uptake of modular UPS solutions. As the UK partner for Huawei UPS systems, Power Control is able to deliver anything from a single modular UPS system through to a complete modular micro data centre.

Advancement in technologies have opened up many more options when it comes to selecting the right power protection equipment. We help our clients look at the entire electrical path to ensure that the best solutions are chosen for their requirement. We make sure that they are not blind sighted by the latest buzz words and promises of greater technology. We deliver facts.

Today’s UPS technologies all deliver power resilience, so in many ways the questions to ask when purchasing have evolved from – what is the best technology, to what technology will suit my needs now and in the future? How adaptable, expandable, flexible is the solution?

With access to a complete range of UPS system, from CertaUPS single phase to Huawei three phase modular UPS and Borri three phase standalone UPS we have solutions for every requirement and budget.

Suitable Applications

Supplying both modular and standalone UPS, Power Control is able to provide the correct emergency power infrastructure solution for data centres, co-location facilities and life-critical power infrastructure such as required by hospitals.


Often referred to as containerised data centres, these require reliable power protection solutions that are quick and easy to deploy such as Huawei’s FusionModule series.


Requiring ultimate power resilience that delivers scalability. Understanding future demands and having the flexibility to scale up or down when required.

Server Room

Covering small to medium sized server rooms with advanced systems to ensure your data is always safe. With scalable options and compact footprints.


Becoming increasingly popular with many being attracted to the ‘scale as you grow’ concept. Our Huawei range of modular UPS solutions allows this perfectly.

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